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I think the only way to find out if this is true is to tag the dude. If he really wants out then he might not be so picky. I have a feeling this leak is Peppers way to discourage the tag being placed on him. The Panthers better call his bluff on this one.


I wouldn't really care where he wanted to go. He wants out, we hold his rights if he gets franchised so I would trade him to the best opportunity for the Panthers in my opinion. The Panthers don't owe him anything and his selfish ass can go play for the Bengals because that team is full of players that care about nothing but themselves...just like Peppers. So long and don't let the door hit you.

C. W.

Peppers is a douchebag anyway... What else do you expect from a UNC graduate?


I'm beginning to hate this SOB. He seems determined to hurt the Panthers. Hope wherever he goes, he suffers a season-ending injury on the first play. He's useless.


You can't want out, Plus demand where you want to go at the same time. It aint like he completely laid it out on the line every game here in Carolina. For all the plays he took off during his career he, he is the one who owes us! Tag and trade him, if he doesn't want to play for whereever we send him thats his problem.

idiot hater

I am now beginning to hate julis peppers...what a little baby...my god he is such a rash


Hey, the NFL is a business. There is no loyalty. If Peppers broke both his legs today the Panthers would make a "business decision" and not sign him. At the end of the day, athletes have to look out for themselves because the teams certainly don't!


Peppers is a douchebag anyway... What else do you expect from a UNC graduate?

C'mon C-dub main, don't hate on Pep cause he a UNC grad...LLLOL!!!


Somebody needs to punch him in face. Smitty? Get on it.


That's an interesting but completely unfounded notion that Pep supposedly lives an "alternative lifestyle." Nevertheless, I don't think New Orleans or Atlanta would be anymore accepting than Charlotte.


Anyway, what is the guess for the four teams?

the 2 from the South are probably Atlanta and Tampa Bay. Don't know about the others.


This story is BS. No agent/player would pick teams that are the most unlikely to get him.



pep is a whiny little ass. screw him. i'm getting rid of my jersey.


LOL .. This dude has some nerve.. That weed smoke is really getting to his head.

I hoep the Panthers play hard ball with this guy, he has bene nothing short of a complete douche over this whole thing

He really things the Panthers woudl trade him to an NFC south team?? Hahaha.. what an idiot this guy is


By the way, Peppers isn't a UNC graduate genius....


There are a couple ways that the Panthers can handle this. They can give in to Peppers demands and allow him to leave without any form of compensation, they can franchise him Albert Haynesworth style (promise no future franchise), or they can Orlando Pace/Walter Jones (franchise him every year) and allow him to miss camp. Peppers might not want to be in Carolina, but the fact of the matter is he is not in a position to be making demands.

The Peppers' team should shut-up, and go about working the system. Leaking this type of stuff to the media is not going to help the team case. Just like the interview last week did not. "The Panthers have one player who wants to resign and another he don't. If I was in their situation I would pursue the guy who wants to be there." If Gross really want to resign, the team has a CHANCE at signing him as a free agent. They would not have a chance with you, so why not franchise you and consider trading you.

In the past the Panthers have not been afraid for Peppers to carry a high cap number so they should not be afraid now. Actually he should be very afraid; he has about 3 more PRIME years. Although he would average a little above $20 million it is possible for the Panthers to keep him. Especially if the league goes uncapped!

He is 29 now and if the Panthers play hardball for the next two years what are the chances someone is going to sign a 31 or 32 year old Peppers to a 5 or 6 year deall.

Robert Popoff

Interesting, doesn't every team in the NFC South play a 4-3?


if he gets traded to an NFC south team, i will lead a jersey burn party outside BOA stadium when we play his team.


So here's my prediction on where he wants to go:
Tampa Bay
Call his bluff...franchise him and trade his a** to whoever comes calling...trade him to Detroit if they come calling...make his life miserable. He can't dictate this whole deal. Keep the better player (Gross) and franchise Peppers.


At this point I'd tag him and send him straight to Cincinnati, Detroit or Kansas City. At first I supported the notion that maybe a change of scenery was needed, on both ends. But the way he has manipulated the entire situation through the media is unprofessional. He is maybe worth about 1/3 of what he is asking for, now he wants to dictate where he goes. He was nothing but loved here in Carolina despite the fact that he played with little effort and heart. He'll go somewhere else, underachieve and realize just how good he had it here...in his home state. In my opinion he can't go away fast enough.

Good for you Julius

I don't blame Peppers for leaving. Next to NC State fans, Panther fans are the dumbest fans on the planet. They have a guy who made the pro bowl 4 times out of 7 and still they complain. I hope he goes to a team that plays the Panthers early in the year and he knocks Jake out for the season again. Of course you Panther fans hate Jake too so I guess you wouldn't care.It is too bad you guys don't support your team or its players.


It does not matter what he wants does it? We dont need his OK to trade do we? Why does this matter?


You idiots apparently don't know the difference between a 'rumor' and an 'announcement'. This is totally bogus news. First of all, the agent has no say in where they get traded (though they have leverage in contract negotiations with the new team), secondly, no agent is going to limit the possibilities to only 4 teams, none of which have a chance at a deal with the Panthers.

And you UNC-haters are just pathetic losers with an inferiority complex.


He is a member of the player's association and the franchise tag was voted for by the players. So he has to live with the process. It is the team's option to tag him or release him, so he must live with the team's decision.


It would be worth knowing whether it is a team source or some other source...in other words a Peppers cronie posturing.

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