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Gene Lazo

Any trade would be conditional on the team receiving him being able to sign him so while the Panthers could technically trade him where ever they want to without his approval, if he tells that team he woun't sign the deal would be void.

But I do think this is either a unfounded rumor or if unlikley true, is an attempt to force the Panthers hand into releasing him so he can work his own deal.


if i were peppers, i would want to leave the QUEEF CITY too



Read this carefully.

Greatness doesn't have an address.

Being better at anything isn't contigent upon what you believe is lacking in others.

You want to be better? What a beautiful thing! So do I/all of us. Maybe a 3-4 defense will change your life like a fresh new job somehwere in Neverland for us too.

But, alas, it will still come down to the same 'ol you. And, guess what? You will find that 3-4 defenses or cities afar are all the same. Only now you have left home and no one cares nearly as much.

Talk to Bruce Smith, or the kin of Reggie White, or Deacon Jones.

Greatness ain't a place on the other side of town. It lies within.

Panther Fan

He is such a prick! I hope he goes somewhere else and gets the crap beat out of him on the field. He has the potential to be a great player but not the heart. I hope all the Peppers faithful are seeing what the bast*** is trying to do to the team that treated him very, very well for 7 years. I'll be glad when he is out of Charlotte for good. Pay Gross whatever it takes so we can ship this sorry sack of crap out of here!


He has a say to what team he gets traded to. Think of what the team would have to give to trade for him and peppers says I refuse to sign a long term deal with you. That means whatever they traded for peppers is for 1 year only. No team in there right mind would trade unless he will resign with that team for a longer term of a deal. He wont be cheap to trade for and with no deal from peppers the team wont make the trade. So you panthers fans who say F him and trade him to the lions or some other shit team, it wont happen.

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