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I agree, it's a business. Sports is about one thing - $$$. And at the end of the day, this will be a business decision. Tag him, trade him, get some new blood on the team, and let's move on. The league is full of talent...and big egos. The grass is usually not as green as it looks, but I wish you luck, Pep. See ya around...somewhere.


As far as I'm concerned, put the tag on him and then get into a stare down. If he doesn't flinch then let him sit on his butt and not play for a year (or 3) if he won't accept a trade to the team WE negotiate with.

At the end of the day this is a business decision and the Panthers need to do what's in their best interest. They can't let him hold the entire team's future hostage which is essentially what he's trying to do.


Don't all of the NFC South teams play the 4-3 defense like the Panthers? Anyway, go ahead and trade him to an NFC South team. But just make sure they give up extra draft picks to get him.

It would seem like the Broncos or Packers would make the most sense. I'm not sure how those teams are salary cap wise though.

Goose Creek

Good-bye!!! Send him to the AFC team with the highest 1st round pick and be done with it.

Big Dogg

Good for Peppers, get out of this that turn their backs on you!!! Good Luck


for those of you who think you know football... if he gets franchise tagged by the Panthers, he cant be shipped off to Detroit - the Lions, Panthers and Peppers would all have to agree to the trade. and by the way, believe what you want to believe, I for one am pretty sure this "source" is full of crap - I am not buying this story.

Duke Fan

Did that one dude call Pep a UNC "Grad"? Tha's a good one.

Big Dogg

Get out of this city, that turn their backs on you. Good luck Peppers!!!


and I hope Karma gets those wishing any player to get injured... there is no place in sports for that kind of attitude.


So who are the 2 teams in the NFC South he says he wants to go to? Atlanta? Tampa? He and his agent can't be that stupid can they? They should know that something like that would NEVER happen.....is it a bluff?????

Even if he is franchised, does he have to accept the trade if the team can afford him at the Franchise Tag price?


"First of all, the agent has no say in where they get traded (though they have leverage in contract negotiations with the new team), secondly, no agent is going to limit the possibilities to only 4 teams, none of which have a chance at a deal with the Panthers."

Its obvious that you are not comprehending the intent of this release. Peppers has no desire to play for any of these teams... its just an attempt to discourage the Panthers from tagging him.


Where he wants to go is to the Patriots and the Patriots want him. They want to have Julious onone side and Adelius (Thomas) & on the the other.

The problem is the Panthers want either Tom Brady or Matt Cassell.

If the Pat's like Cassell a lot, look for Tom Brady in a Panther uniform very soon. Otherwise look for Matt Cassell in Charlotte.


I say Pep goes to either the Saints or Falcons. Those are the only teams in the NFC South with any potential......aside from the PANTHERS, that is...


Someone in Pepper's camp probably just threw this out there as a last ditch effort to make the Panthers reconsider franchising him. He wants to walk and they are blowing smoke. Not to mention no team in the NFC South plays a 3-4, which is what he said he wants to try next. There are very few NFC teams that have the 3-4 D. I would like to seem him traded him to the Cowgirls, they could use another player with no heart (to bad they don't have many draft picks left). Or the Jets, he can be reunited with Fatbutt Kris Jenkins. Anyway, his underacheiving butt is gone (which is fine with me) I just hope we will get good compensation for him. Should be interesting.

Panther Super Fans

I read that the 49ers are one of those two other teams besides two NFC South teams.


Julius is headed for the Patriots and either Tom Brady or Matt Cassell wil be in a Panther uniform before you can say adios!

It's up to Belichick who he wants to keep. If Belichick wants to stay in Boston for just a few more yrs, he keeps Brady, if he wants to stay longer and believes Cassell is the real deal, he keeps him.


Tom or somebody else can clear this up but I think the big doofus has a no-trade clause. If so he definitely can dictate what teams he'll go to. But from the start, he and his agent have put the Panthers in a bind by leaking this crap to the media.


All the teams in the NFC South play a 4-3 defense. Just a rumor. I think he will be traded to either the Steelers, Ravens or Jets.


Hey fellas, if JP was a slouch and lay-down player; and has become such a misfit to the team since announcing that he was interested in leaving the Panthers, then why would the Panther organization be so concerned about were he might end-up....Ummm?

It takes a very small brain, and a very big ego to be a jerk...right!!!!


No way we let him stay in the NFC South..


Wow you guys are some bitter bi**hes. The player has been a faithful Panther for 7 years now. He has been respectful with his wishes to leave. It's not like it's in the middle of a contract, his contract has ended. He has fulfilled his end of the contract with the Panthers. I understand the business aspects that the Panthers may deploy, but the fact that all of you now "hate" him and some are disgusted with him is a bit over the top. Stop acting like preteens here, your really going to hate the guy because he wants to leave. This is his life too maybe he's ready to try out other things then be subservient to ungrateful fans like all of you. It defiantly speaks volumes toward everybody's character here, I'd have to say all of you are some really selfish close-minded dense Panther fans. Act with some class and move on like adults.


I think we do need Pep's 'ok' to trade, because, what team is going to trade for a dude who won't sign a long term deal with him? I will attend said jersey burn party when pep returns to BOA.

Nathan Teada

this is what they should do...franchise him and trade him to get the DE out of GT Michael Johnson...very close to peppers in size 6'4" 260 runs well...and another team you have to trow in the mix is Denver....they run a 3-4 and they are releasing alot of players to make run...it just makes sense..i hate to see him go but sometime you just have to say good bye


Tag him and trade this bum!! He is now using the media to get what he wants and to try to back the Panthers into a corner. He is trying to keep them from taggining him. I don't think the Panthers are this Dumb but we will see.... Used to like this guy but he is now showing his true colors. He is all about himself of course with all over paid ones. He acts like he has done something here. He has not done a fryken thing to get so much money. Does everyone remember last year!!! Where in the world waht Julius Peppers!!!

Big Will

People can you guys just chill. Peppers wants to leave here after fulfilling his contract. He was not a problem for Carolina at anytime in his career. Now, he wants something different. So, why must we hate on him? Sure, they can continue to franchise him for a couple of years. This may not be the best option for him, but it would eat up a huge chuck of the team payroll. But, either way people just chill. Do you guys have anything else to do?

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