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Big Jim



Does it really matter???? He has only played (I mean REALLY played) 2 full games since he's been here. He take numerous plays off, never really tries to get pressure in the backfield and whenever they zoom in on him he's huffin and puffin like he weighs as much as Kemo - good riddance - you were only treated as a star because you were on the Panthers - on any other quality team you wouldn't get the time of day - take your slacker a** - get your money and move on - we are soooo over you - oh and...take your sorry a**, "I am afraid to take a chance so we'll just run it" coach with you !! ADIOS


I feel Peppers has given his all to this state and to the Carolina Panthers, the man is grown and as a grown man he has to look out for himself b/c these wishy washy Panthers fans definitely won't. They wanted Jake's head b/c of the loss to Arizona, these fans will never be on the level as Green Bay fans or NY fans. The person who hopes he gets hurt in his first game, I hope you know karma is a b--h and you may find yourself messed up in 1-2 months for hating. He's given his best to the Panthers and he did the same at UNC, this man has done no wrong to anyone, the fans are treating him like T.O. or something. Peppers get your paper and have a fantastic remainder of an NFL career, these people on the blogs are hating on you b/c they can't play football or basketball at all!


It wouldn't bother me if he did get traded to an NFC South team. He takes so many games off that we probably wouldn't have to account for him when the Panthers played against him. Like I said in another post, the guy just doesn't have a motor. He's a great athlete, but he doesn't have the mentality of a football player, and that's just who he is. He's not going to turn a switch on all of a sudden and become this mad man that plays hard every game. He's been in the league for 8 years now, and what you see with Peppers is what you get. A physically gifted athlete, but not a mentality tough football player. He just doesn't have the motor. So I don't care where he goes. Let somebody else over pay him, but let's just get something for him instead of letting him go and not getting anything.


Give him to someone in our league! I would love to see a poster with J-Stew or D-Will running over his ***.


Gentlemen, the Panthers don't have the option to do whatever they want. If Pepp says he won't sign a long-term deal with a team, the trade does not happen. He has more influence on this process than you think.


Give him 40 acres and a mule!


Clearly he seems to be acting like a spoiled child who doesn't understand the consequences of his comments. One minute he makes the point that he has lived up to his contract (at least in terms of years played) and the next he forgets that there is a larger contract between the NFL Players Association and the Owners. He has three choices if the tag is applied to him, sit out a year, play for the Panthers or go where he is traded. Comments like the one's he is making seem to be asking for the tag - why would the Panthers let him go knowing that he probably will go to one of their critical competitors. Someone here is not using their head very well.


The Panthers just laid off 20 people so its hard for me to feel bad for the guy. He did show flashes of greatness but then there were times when he was invisible. I say "adios" Pep!


Well one of the teams he wants to play for according to what has been said is Dallas. Other than the Panthers, who else does not have a 1st Round pick in the up coming draft? The answer.....Dallas. Pep and Ware would be almost unfair!!!


David, I think Peppers has enough money to buy you 40 acres and a mule and by the way you sound, you're not even owed that!!


tag him and if we can not get noting good for him force his butt to play or sit out for the year, he is buff he is not going to sit out trust me he will play


These posts about the Panthers wanting Tom Brady as part of the trade are hilarious.....Do you honestly think the Panthers organization is that stupid? Tom Brady? That is the funniest thing I have read about this all day!!!

There is NO WAY that the Pats let Brady go for Peppers.....hilarious!!!!!


Can you imagine the boos that will rain down when he comes back to play in CLT? OMG....the Panthers would triple team him to avoid him getting a sack.

Oh wait...you dont have to triple team that pathetic dancing douchebag!

Take your coat, your hat and leave....


It’s funny that a guy who got manhandled by Arizona’s LT in the playoffs wants to go somewhere he can be better utilized to reach his potential. Didn’t Gandy get mauled by James Harrison in the Superbowl. Get out of Charlotte you average, piece of crap, i got half my sacks against the Raiders and Lions, no effort, scared of the big game cry baby. You will get tagged and sent where we want to send you. Instead of working behind closed doors you have to air all the laundry for everyone to hear weakening our position in trade negotiations. We don’t owe you anything now and we’re going to do what’s best for Panther Nation.


I say we keep on franchising him just to harrass him......ask Walter Jones how it feels.

"It keeps you from doing everything you want to do," said Seattle Seahawks left offensive tackle Walter Jones, who had the franchise tag applied for three consecutive years before finally reaching a long-term contract agreement. "It restricts your opportunities and potential. It does create some hard feelings. It's not what it was meant to be if you ask me from personal experience."

Smash and Dash

Puck Feppers! After the initial shock wore off, I had no problem with him wanting to leave. That's his perogative; many of us have been in sucky jobs before where we wish we coudl be somewhere else. Fine. But to leak rumors limiting options is not only ridiculous, but it's crapping his own bed too.

I am now starting to agree wth some of you who say franchise him for the next couple of years and then let his washed-up arse go.

My name

That's crap. If he doesn't get traded to one of the 4, then what? He sits out a year?


I have began to hate JP Im burning my FAthaed of Julius because he is a FatHead. Do you believe this guy he got some real nerve thinking Carolina will trade him to an NFC South team. What a douche bag. This guy is going to tank in whatever team he goes I hope he gets injured the first play of the season. you loser. I HATE YOU JULIUS


Who cares if he goes to another NFC South team. All he cares about is his big signing bonus. Once he is under contract, he'll go back to giving effort 40% of the team like he usually does. You know what you're getting with Peppers: Somebody with no passion to play football. The defensive Ricky Williams.


"I don't blame Peppers for leaving. Next to NC State fans, Panther fans are the dumbest fans on the planet."

No love for the Tarheels and Cowboys? They CLEARLY have THE TWO MOST RETARDED fanbases in all of sports. Everyone knows that.


Pep showed signs of greatness but also was invisible at times. The way they played against the Cardinals, the team should clean house and start over. By the way, the Panthers just laid off 20 people. I say "adios" Pep!


1) I didn't realize that Julius Peppers "graduated" from UNC. I highly doubt it.

2) I didn't realize that two out of three of our NFC South Rivals ran a 3-4 defense.

This guy's got zero cred.'

Good riddance, liar.

Joe Poselli

I would think Julius would want to go to San Francisco given his orientation.

Buc Fan

Dude, if Smitty tried to punch him in the face, Pep would wear his angry ash out! I, for one, would LOVE to see that.

I lvoe the drama the Kitty kats are going through. So long Pep!

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