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3rd biggest rivalry? I'm going to go with Appalachain State and Furman. These two teams have matched up for years in the SOCON, both producing almost film worthy finishes. Like Miracle on the Mountain, when the Paladins down 6, score a TD to tie it, but go for two and get it intercepted and returned for an App win. Or the 1st national championship year, when Furman had a come from behind win over App in the regular season, and then in the semifinals App knocks off Furman on the final play to go the big game. There are many many many more stories like this, and this rivalry, of a Small Mountain College vs the ritzy private college is a good one


UNC and Duke rivalry is the best in the country. No contest.


Appalachian State-Western Carolina


Durham is not really a small town with a MSA of over half mill and 220,000 in its city. Chapel Hill has a population of 50,000 in its city but we get the scenario you are painting.
Too bad UNCC couldnt have its own small city college town if the hungry annexing beast city of Charlotte would release them from its confines. University City with about 50,000 would be great and about a 360 degree half mile diameter.
Yea rite. Keep dreaming.

And we think they need to make the front entrance to UNCC on Highway 29 where the new nice large redbrick buildings look like a real university entrance. The 49 entrance looks more like an exit.


Duke vs. UNC may be the largest feud but make no mistake, the most intense rivalry in the Carolinas is North Carolina Central vs. North Carolina A&T! It's not even close!


I think the Carolina Panthers have a bigger rivary with the Atlanta Falcons than Tampa Bay.If you took a vote, more fans in Charlotte would rather beat the city of Atlanta, and the city of Atlanta would rather beat us, than they would Tampa Bay.


I'm surprised there's no mention of North Carolina Central and NC A&T. But maybe I'm not surprised....


N.C. Central vs. N.C. A&T? Appalachian State vs. Furman? Your puny fan bases may care, but no one else. Any of you who think these worthless matchups warrant consideration for one of the top rivalries in the Carolinas are kidding yourselves.


Puny fanbase? Appalachian State is a 14,000 student school who averaged almost 30,000 in football game attendance last season, as well as arguable the biggest upset in College Football history. Very relevant in NC, like it or not.


What about the ECU/NCState football rivalry? It is a little one-sided where ECU fans care a lot more than NCState fans, but I am certain that NCState hates to lose to ECU. Remember: the only sign of intelligent life in Raleigh....Greenville 77 mi.


NC State/Carolina is more of a football rivalry than the State/ECU game, as a State fan, and graduate, we hate ECU as much as carolina but would hate more to lose to an in conference foe (like the holes) than to ECU.

Rich Kid

3rd biggest rivalry - Latin vs. Country Day football


Duke-UNC is the best rivalry in BASKETBALL. Duke has been the laughing stock of the nation in football until last season when they sucked slightly less than normal. UNC doesn't have much room to talk. Best rivalry in the Carolinas? No. Most overhyped by the media? Hmm...

UNC-USC was a great rivalry back when USC was in the ACC, and it could be a fun one again.


A&T - NCCU is definitely #2 and it reaches across all sports!


If you want to check out a rivalary, go to a friday night football game between Maiden and Lincolnton.


From what Ive seen, the most intense rivalry is between NCA&T and NCCU. Those 2 schools absolutely hate each other unlike those other rivalries where players from opposing schools are friends and are known to hang out with one another. Aggies and Eagles absolutely dispise one another and it shows on and off the field/court.

Art Kane

I think the top rivals in NC are:

NCCU Eagles vs A&T Aggies (All around sports rivals), UNC vs NCSU (football rivals), and Duke vs UNC (basketball rivals).


Definitely NC A&T vs NCCU this has been a rivalry for decades!


A&T? NCCU? lol Lets get real here. Who the hell are those nobodys? 2 tiny mice? What a joke.


You're right about the third biggest rivalry being a high school football game, Concord-Kannapolis is the third biggest rivalry in the Carolinas. It's not Independence-Butler, or even Lincolnton-Maiden.

Concord and Kannapolis is the state's oldest football rivalry. They were busy hating each other long before Independence and Butler existed.

Both teams are good, frequently going deep into the state playoffs and both have state championships under their belt. But mostly, the schools are a few miles apart and they hate each other, and the crowds turn out and the passions run deep.

This is easily the best high school rivalry in NC.


NC A&T and NCCU brought 22,000 fans to Charlotte Memorial Stadium last year. They average attendence attendence of them playing has been around 30,000.


NCCU vs. NC A&T drew 46,000 in a game at Carter Finley in the late 90's. Comparatively, Clemson vs. UNC drew only 2,000 more on the same weekend. Not bad for 2 tiny mice...huh?

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