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While I don't really enjoy the antics of PETA, they could probably stone him to death without creating any sympathy.

Roger Goodell

We,(The Nation Football League), will judge who goes where and who does what...


Yeah put him to death! (sarcasm)


Sure he deserves another chance...working for 25K to 40K. I hope this guy breaks his neck if he plays again. And that is not a figure of speech, I actually hope he breaks his neck. When I look at my two dogs I cannot imagine ever hurting them or any domestic animal.

His PR agent better tell him to forgo the "cornrows" and learn how to speak intelligently.



You're a tool. I'd love to kick your dog.


I am one of the few (apparently) who thinks Vick got a raw deal. I appreciate the public's outrage over certain aspects of Vick's conduct but the reaction in many ways strikes me as way over the top, indeed more barbaric even than what Vick was accused of doing.

Several comments:

1. Vick was not prosecuted for killing or even hurting dogs. Those facts were irrelevant to the federal case, which was based entirely on transporting dogs across state lines and gambling. Had Vick never hurt a dog, it would have made no legal difference. It does make a difference however in the court of public opinion, including Tom's apparently but the "crime" for which Tom thinks Vick deserved to go to prison was not the crime he actually went to prison for. At the time, there was no federal dogfighting statute.

2. This type of case is (and should be) routinely handled by the state authorities that discovered it and in most cases would have resulted in probation or very short jail time. Vick was federally prosecuted for one reason and one reason only... he was a prominent black athlete. I doubt there has EVER been a federal prosecution with these set of facts. The feds usurped the state's case in order to make an example of Vick and to gain notoriety for themselves.

3. While I find the dog-killing facts disturbing, there seems to be something of a double-standard in our society. I know lots of people (especially in the south) who think nothing of shooting and killing other innocent animals for no reason other than the sport of it. I see little ethical difference between killing a dog and killing a deer. In some cultures they eat dogs the way we eat chicken or cows. Dog-fighting is wrong but I understand why someone like Vick who grew up in an environment in which dog-fighting was legitimate sport might not view this the way most white folks do. I suspect he has a lot of sympathy among other NFL players (some, such as Portis or Deion, who spoke up in his defense at the time) but who are afraid to openly defend him for fear of being likewise abused. I spoke recently to a guy -- a GOOD guy -- who had no idea dog-fighting was "wrong"... it was such a routine part of his neighborhood growing up.

I am an upper-middle class white guy. I never hunt. I love dogs. I have never witnessed a dog fight. But I do know something about the federal criminal justice system and if anyone has ever been legally lynched by a mob, then it is Vick. He didn't do himself any favors my lying to everyone about it, but I hate seeing someone treated differently because of his celebrity and I think the punishment should fit the crime. 2 years in prison for dog-fighting is utterly absurd in any civilized society, whether you love dogs or not. Add to that the $100,000,000 it has been estimated to have cost him and you have to wonder about the sanity of a society that treats another human being like this. (And no one gives him credit for paying $1,000,000 to save the remaining 50+ dogs who would have been murdered by the state otherwise.)

I for one hope he has learned a lesson and gets a second chance to play in the NFL. I agree with Tom that he has (more than) paid for his crime and is entitled to rejoin society in good standing, including pursuing a career.



You obvioulsy have no heart. So you approve of Michael Vick's actions.


The man paid for his crime in more than one way! All of you who despise him for what he did, I can definitely see your side but for the love of God don't turn an ignorant and blind eye to all of the dogfighting, cockfighting, etc. that occurs in this country (and world) each and every single day. You are fighting a great cause, but you are looking through a narrow view only at Vick. Apply this same hatred and effort towards those who are not celebrities and then your actions will be justified. Other than that, you are hating on a man who made mistakes and has paid his dues. If he still has the talent, then he should be allowed an opportunity to play in the NFL.


Anyone that would "love" to kick a dog needs serious mental health attention. I hope Mr. Vick received much counseling while he was incarcerated (Gary, that means jail).

As for the comments by Gary. I assume he or she is only looking to get a response from the posters and would not actually kick a dog. If so, I pray that the Lord will soften his heart and lead him to salvation.

Many of the serial killers in our history started with animal abuse.


Vick should go play for the Browns! Great fit if you think about it?


Are you kidding me?????? I can't believe people are making a big deal about Michael Vick killing dogs. There are people that have gotten away with murdering another human being and Michael should be put to death because he killed some dogs. Really Charlotte Moms you have nothing better to talk about.


Yes, Bill I agree with you Michael Vick does deserve to be back in society. He has paid his debt to society, I believe he will be a better person because of this. I also think Peta needs to work with Mr. Vick instead of against him. As it says Let him be the first to through a stone that is without sin, any sin don't pick and choose so he did his time so let him try to be a better man.


"In or about April of 2007, Peace, Phillips and Vick executed approximately eight dogs that did not perform well in 'testing' sessions at 1915 Moonlight Road by various methods, including hanging, drowning and slamming at least one dog's body to the ground."

Bill.....you may want to read the entire indictment before you post your "story" on this blog.

Smith....if you know someone that has "gotten away with" killing another human you may want to tell the authorities. Or perhaps you cna give us an example (other than Ted Kennedy)


Gary I agree 100% with every word you said. I am a african American male and growing up Dog fighting was a part of my enviorment as well. (although we didn't do it as vick and company did)I knew others that did. It was wrong, and cruel and obvious something I would never do today as a adult. But your right the time did not fit the crime AT ALL! I remember watching a HBO special about 2 years ago. They put some under cover detective at this kennel as they were building a case agaisnt a Breader who had 100's of dogs whomed he starved to death, many of them died in their own feces, were not taken care of much of the pit was full of disease...you name it! this guy did it! They built a case against this guy for over a year! and at the end of it....You want to know his punishment? HE LOST HIS LICENSE! to SELL and BREAD DOGS!! Which he could get back in a few years if he re-applies....people dog fighting is a MIS-Demeanor! it is not! a felony...(I am not saying it's not wrong) but I just don't understand how someone could morally outraged by the treatment of one animal and not others. That just doesn't make sense to me and yes there is a difference between killing a deer and a Domesticated dog...but you can't DESPISE! one and turn your head to the other......then I think is it really! the act! or the African American man commiting the act?! There was a man in Catawba last year...who got drunk went into this backyard and took his bow and Shot a arrow into the head! of his neighbors pet pig! (the kids pig) the Man was FINED! 300 dollars and sent home....I assure you PETA wasn't outside his home marching because there were no cameras around....so two suspending him, fine, a little jail time..30 days whatever) fine..but 2 years in federal prison!! is absurd! I wonder if people realize that "Assault" is not a felony! So that means that a man can walk into wal-mart and punch the greeting lady in the face! and HE won't see HALF! the time...Vick did for transporting dogs accross state lines....IT was wrong! but the punishment is no where near! fitting for the crime. Just my opinion.


Would the company you work for rehire you if you were now a convicted felon? Why should athletes get a break the rest of us don't? Let him go flip burgers somewhere. He blew his ride.


Yeah and lets let all of the gun toting, gun shooting athletes come back to the league and you act as though nothing happened. AND get to play for the Cowboys for a year.... BUT keep a guy who committed a misdemeanor out of the league and wishes he breaks his neck....

you people are really amazing.

God Bless America


Had the local authorites done thier job in this case the feds may have never become involved. Problem is the local guys were in bed with Vick.

This guy will be in trouble with drugs or alcohol in the near future so whatever comeback he has will be short lived.

African American? Does that mean I am a Scotch-Irish American? How about a French-American? Or Japanese-American? Why do black want to single out thier ancestory? Unless youcame to this country from Africa YOU ARE AN AMERICAN>


I wonder how many people would be in prison today if everyone who ever shot a dog was sentenced. I'm not saying Vick didn't do something that was cruel and weird for our times(dogfighting used to be a gentlemen's sport)but seriously federal prison over a dog? Only in America!



Take a law course. He DID NOT serve time for a misdemeanor. But beleive what you wish. Or better yet, beleive what is convenient for you.


I think Bill posted the best comments thus far. I do agree with the fact that is was a bad thing to be involved with. Some of us are luckly to be raised in better enviornments than others. Do that excuse him or anyone from being raised in different environment? No; but I can one understand if he was then that's all he knew and thought that it's ok to do so. There are players in the league whom have done worse and haven't paid as much as Vick. The problem is with that is that society wants to make Vick the poster child for dogfighting. As for PETA; the man has paid heavily for his mistakes. Let him make a living for himself and his family. If you're going to protest against him playing football then you should protest everyone associated with dogfighting regardless of what they do. Mechanic, teacher, social worker, who ever. Protest deer hunting. I think horse racing is animal cruelty. Protest that!!! Don't be just one sided or go after someone cause he's in the spotlight.


You know the part of this I absolutely love? It's when people like Bill lump in his loss of salary and endorsement income as part of his punishment. GET A DAMN CLUE!

Vick signed contracts for each and every dollar he made, inside of footbll and away from the field through endorsements. His compensation was based market value and on a set of criteria that he AND the organizations that signed him on agreed upon.

When he chose (yes, he CHOSE) to be in the midst of a reprehensible activity that is cruel and illegal, he effectively changed the terms of his agreement with anyone he signed a contract with. Easy come - easy go!

His trappings were a priviledge, not a right, and the same can be said for playing professional sports. Can you say Maurice Clarett??? Vick made his money by selling products that were in demand, which included his skills and athleticism. When he became a pariah because of the dogfighting (on other events that contibuted to his demise), the free market drove his value down. He doesn't deserve anything other than the stigma and jail time he EARNED WITH HIS BEHAVIOR.

And I'm sick of hearing things like "lynching" and "because he's black." That's horse squeeze. This all happened because Vick is an immature, selfish celebutard of an elite athlete, as most are, who made decisions based on a set of values that are foreign to anyone with a decent moral compass. Black, white. or candy-striped, it makes no difference.

The race argument is old, and I'm sick of hearing it. In today's era of dying individual responsibility and celebrity worship, adding the racial aspect is equivalent to all the crap we have to listen to politically. ENOUGH already!! Get it out of sports.


Maybe he should have should paid a guy named Slugga to pull drive by shootings and play for the Cowboys... or play get away driver after a night club shooting and play for the Ravens... or beat someone down with "ninja like hands" and get into the Hall of Fame as a Colt's receiver... or arrange cocaine deals and play for the Browns...or smack his wife around like a player on nearly every team in the league...

The double standard you guys are expressing is ridiculous.


Maybe he can get our and find Nicole's killer since OJ is in the slammer.


If we really want to win the superbowl, lets hire him. After all, we've grown (groan) to love Steve Smith (or at least his abilities). How long before it's P.C. to bring this up?

P.S.-I love my dogs and detest people mistreating their's.


Forget all of the legal arguments, and forget whether or not he paid for his crime (and those of you who put so much stock in our Criminal Justice system should read up on its success - ie that if you go to prison there is a 70% chance you will go back - sounds like they do a good job huh?). Would anyone, in a game where the stars are ROLE MODELS for CHILDREN, and in a league where a DUI on a BOAT can get you kicked off a team, want him on their team. It is a priveledge to play in the NFL, a priveledge he knowingly sacrificed when he committed these crimes (several of which were felonies).
Also, should we let him off because stars in the past have been treated with more leniency? That is like saying that slavery is ok because it happened in the past, or that women should not be allowed to vote for the same reason. As humans, it is not only our right, but our DUTY to morally evolve as time passes, to right the wrongs of the past.
P.S. If Vick's didn't do anything wrong, then why did he go to such lengths to hide his actions - and then lie about them - not only to his fans, but his BOSS, the Commisioner of the NFL, and the government?

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