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The new United Football League is licking their chops at the prospect of having Vick, with a salary possibly as much as $3 million per year. I thought the recent presidential election would calm down the playing of the race card, but apparently not. There is a Caucasian from rural southeastern SC that was sentenced to 24 years for involvement in dogfighting. Dogfighting, at the time of Vick's arrest, was a felony in 48 states and a misdemeanor in Wyoming and Idaho.

charlie zambrano

I hase read all the above comments and have come to the conclusion that Vick has paid and paid and hopefully learned the most important lesson of his Life. Things happen for reasons. I absolutely hate what he did also but will not get off on hating. No one alive can cast a stone and pretend never to have made mistakes. It just makes people feel better by judging other people.
Charlie Charlotte NC


Vick was completely robbed and humiliated wrongfully. This is reverse criminalization. They let murderers and rapists go free by the millions but take an NFLer using treehugger animal rights morons and make an example out of him for a little dog fighting?
Let the punishment fit the crime. He should have been put on probation only and continued to play QB in the NFL.

Dogs have been fighting 1000s of years and one of the oldest sports known. To make an example of Vick is criminal in itself while real criminals run loose. Vick was just an easy target.
Dog fighting by trained dogs bred to fight is no worse than boxing where death is not uncommon and lets not mention football where a couple hundred die annually mainly in the younger ages. Inhumane?

What about horse racing? Horses are routinely put down due to injuries sustained in the 2 minute races. Is this inhumane?
Cock fighting is legal in most of the world and another old sport even the USC Gamecocks got the nickname for it.

Dog fighting is legal in most of the world. All of Central South America and Africa have legal dog fighting by the millions just as in Asia and Russia etc.

America just wiped out Iraq again in a bogus rigged war killing and maiming millions of innocent men women and children spending trillions and that OK under Bush and now Obama but dog fighting is worse? They lied us into war and destruction and made trillions yet nobody goes to jail? We saw America glorifies Lincoln who has the deaths of over 700,000 Americans on his hands as a great hero yet all other nations ended slavery without a war as Ron Paul correctly stated?

America under Truman dropped nukes on the large civilian populated Japanese cities of Hiroshema and Nagasaki in 1945 killing millions of men women and children even after the Japan military had been totally wiped out ready to quit and this was OK?

America has its priorities screwed up. OJ was freed for murdering 2 people yet Vick goes to jail for dog fighting?


I think its crazy that Sarah Palin can legally ride around killing moose and polar bears from a helicopter, while Michael Vick is in jail for 2 years for dogfighting.


Why does race have anything to do with this... Vick and his friends are sick and perverted individuals... he got what he deserved.. i am tired of people using race as an excuse or that he was singled out because of his race... that is crap. I hope he never gets a shot and has to work for a living like the rest of us... And for anyone that thinks that killing dogs or abusing dogs is fair game... let me know where you want to meet and I'll be the dog and let's see if you want to take a shot at kicking me around...


Ok Cheven first of all learn to spell BREEDER. They're not making bread you idiot. And I think Vick is as useless as little punk brother. All these retards are is punks with money. Far be it for me to say what the NFL should do, but letting someone back in after that sentence is STUPID. I think Vick is good enough to cook my fries at McDonalds, that is of course if he's not too busy stealing from the register or spitting in the food. Vick is scum, and that's all there is to it.


I say let the Moose hunt Sarah Palin! This way the collective IQ of the Country will go up 39%. Besides the Moose probably know more about Foreign Policy and can do better interviews... Just don't tell John McCain! But he might of done better with a Moose as a running Partner!


I completely agree with Bill. Sure, it's terrible for Vick to kill dogs but come on. He didn't kill a person..what a waste of our justice system to put Vick in prison for 2 years when there are so very many other true criminals who have caused harm to other humans and have never even served a night in jail.

Allow Vick to return to the NFL-he's served way more punishment than he deserves. Ray Lewis was allowed back and he allegedly killed 2 people at that nightclub (though wasn't convicted...still doesn't mean he didnt do it)


There is absolutely no comparison to hunting as to what Vick did. Hunters
try to kill as quickly, cleanly, and humanely as possible. Vick killed dogs
by drowning, hanging, and strangulation.
This is the trademark of a psychopath.
And that, not the dog fighting part, is why
he should never play in the NFL again.
And as much as he's hated, a world of hurt will come down on the team that signs him.
Folks in this country love their pets, and will never forget or forgive. It's best for all if he just goes away.


hunting and dog fighting are not even the same thing


I will tell you that I grew up in those same poor neighorhoods with more african americans that whites... I never saw a dog fight. It isn't normal behavior for normal, sane people.... regardless of color. I am 50 years old and I have seen alot of things... It still isn't any excuse to justify what Vick did. Dog fighting may have been a sport quite some time ago but not in civilized America... you could also say that it was acceptable to have men fight to the death or other inhumane and illegal acts (sex with under age people), during the Roman's rule... but this still doesn't make it right or legal or socially acceptable today. It is a crime, a felony and should be treated as such. Statistics point to a correlation between animal abuse and abuse directed towards humans (maybe you are aware that Jeffery Dahmer tortured and killed cats and dogs before he killed humans). I was irritated when I heard Portis and Deon try to defend Vick... I just figured that "those apples didn't fall too far from the tree". Portis said "If a man wants to fight his dogs he should be allowed to do it". Boy that is some class, go figure. I believe that karma will bring it back to Vick and I hope I live to see it happen. For those of you that don't get this I question what kind of person you really are. Maybe you don't understand the relationship between a dog and his master. that kind of unconditional love is something you haven't had the pleasure of experiencing. Those dogs fought because it was part of pleasing their master. They will lay down their life for you. I feel sorry for those of you that don't undertand... because it is an incredible feeling... Unconditional love is a pretty rare thing. Try it sometime... you might find you like it....


To jim (lower case), posted at 12:11 PM. You are really reaching with some of your comparisons and justifications....So much so I would have to take you to task on practically all that you said... which is of no justification for what Vick did.... Show me the statstics for millions of rapist and murders running free.... "for a little dog fighting"... it is a felony... and it's not just what he did but how he did it.... you are an idiot who should check his facts before you spout off with your stupid retoric.... Most of these over paid "players" are lucky to get paid like they do... if they weren't doing this they would probably be working some minimum wage gig or standing on the corner... It is a priviledge to play in the NFL.... or any professional sport. It is not a God given right. If you screw up, you have to pay the price... commit the crime and serve the time.... i wish he got more time... Perhaps he got to be someone's "bitch" in jail... People like you are part of what is wrong with our world today.... you have a cloudy, idiotic peverse perception of the world and history.... You seem to take snip-its of history and paste them into your post like some community college wannabe. Have you ever read any real history books or are you one of those people always looking for the Cliff notes in life.. I hope you aren't in some real decision making capacity.... because I would be very afraid that people around you will figure out what an idiot you are...


Posted by: Jim | February 28, 2009 at 01:05 AM

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Raw deal all the way. People love to prosecute anyone that they can. That part of the heinous human nature. Yes he made a mistake, but to put him in prison and condemn him for life. That's ridiculous. I think a lot of people are just mad that he makes more money than they do. Besides, what he did is no more heinous than someone feeding Bambi corn until he is the right size and then blowing his brains out with a high powered rifle. Talk about sick. Yep, all you perfect people need to worry about real problems in this world.


Scott, forget about it. You will never get away from hearing about race. The sins of our forefathers will never be forgotten. It's that simple. What they did to the human race, slavery, murder, rape, etc. over a period of four or five hundred years is not the kind of thing that can be forgotten. I'm sure in your nice little life you don't want to hear about it, but you need to get a grip and wake up. The reality is, african americans even with all the advantages that have been provided are still suffering with the residuals and some lingering systematic oppression. You probably can't understand, though.


the panthers should get vick


Still can't get through a board about this without the race card being played (I'm a proud English-American). Dog fighting is part of what culture? American culture? There's right and wrong and what was done to these animals was wrong. Granted, you can find endless examples of the punishment not fitting the crime based on YOUR judgement. He was wrong and should not be allowed to play. Regardless, it will go into his book of life.


Write it down, the Redskins will sign this guy.


you clowns kill me, everybody is so perfect in the queen city. you people make me sick, you go around cheating on your spouses, trying to make a quick buck, snort coke, drive drunk treat your kids like trash. i could care less about vick, but if he did the time then he should be given the chance to work again. yes, the NFL is a job, if you don't work out year round and stay in shape, you lose your job. so yes dummies, this is a job.


For jim (lowercase)... boy you showed your stripes didn't you. Someone simply points out your inability to grasp the facts and inaccuracies then you resort to a profanity laden spew from your disgusting mouth... I have job... I am a professional. I have an education ...I don't drink nor do I do drugs but I expected you to lash back at me with a true lack of command of the English language. After all that... What a punk ass... Crawl back into your dark corner, return to your minimum wage job and realize you are a loser now and you always will be...look for the dogs in your dreams... they will be coming to get you... woof


Oh.. and jim (lowercase) it's incomprehensible not uncomprehensible and it's can't not cant.... You don't have a command of the language... read a book loser...I don't want to match wits with an unarmed opponent...


Hatters ... Hatters ... Hatter ... What happened when two people from PETA were suppose to transport some dogs, and it was later foung that they actually KILLED them. Where were yall then? At one point everyone was trying to make pit bulls illegal and wipe them out. Oh i forgot thats how yall like to do. Put your hood on and show your true self.


It has nothing to do with his race... Pit Bulls are not the problem... Sorry it's the owners. I grew up with Dobermans... We raised them... That was a dog that people like to accuse of being mean... It's the owners that make this an issue. I have 2 friends that have played here (NFL, Panthers) with Pit's and they aren't mean... sweetest dogs ever... They have great owners that love their dogs... Oh and by the way where I grew up we stood against the Klan,had their sign removed in Fayetteville and endured threats of having our business burned. I was 10 years old when this happen... we all aren't racist... it goes both ways..


Uhhh...how is Michael Vick's treatment of dogs any different from the meat industry?

Not saying that either is necessarily "bad" but go and check out how cattle, pork and poultry are treated and executed in order to get into grocery stores and fast food and I think the line between and Michael Vick and most meat-eaters blurs greatly.

The Great One

Even though Vick was definitely overrated he was still cheated by the system and anyone who witnessed the spectacle at his trial with thousands of sign carrying animal rights activists tree hugging liberals that was shown worldwide on tv could easily see he was made an example of. If he returns and he will he will not be the same type QB/RB combo but more of a QB since clearly his injuries sustained in the NFL trying to do it all did not work like they in college at VT where he really only had one good year as a freshman anyway and was also injured there.
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