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A modern dat Bill Laimbeer. Even better.


This is the worst write up I've ever read.


If The Bobcats take this guy it would be a marketing homerun. A white guy in this city with local ties.....a no brainer.


This guy will not be in the starting 5 for any nba team...his skills are not suitable for the NBA and his transition will be shakier than people epect. Now im not saying he wont be in the nba a long time, with his hard work he will be a good 6th man or deeper on the bench. The kid gets some ridiculous stuff to fall that in the nba would never have a chance. With better athletes and more talent he will not get everything to fall like in college. Hopefully the bobcats will not be stupid enough to take this kid, because at best he will be a perennial 6th man bouncing from team to team in trade packages.


Charles Barkley was the same size with the same skillset as Hansbrough.


its funny how hard people are on tyler. after all, was jj redick a good pro?? nope. are most duke players besides boozer? nope. but somehow, tarheels find a way to contribute to whatever team they land on. sure there are some exceptions like sean may and joe forte, but tyler will still get 10 points a game in the nba every night


wow, you charlotte observer writers are so biased.



Besides the usual Duke fan penis envy of all things UNC, you prove daily that you don't really understand the game of basketball. If, however, there is ever a pro league where Harold and Kumar do facepainting and read the cheering sheet while not even comprehending what is happening on the court, you guys will rule it.


Sir Charles was 6'4" Tyler is 6'10" no comparison in size, and charles never worked as hard as tyler because he didn't have to, he had much more athletic ability.
Tyler will find a way to succeed. Go Heels!

Jon in DC

If Bobby Hurly could make a roster...no reason for Psycho-T not to...
He is physical, has great conditioning, great ball handler and is not afraid to take the open shot and is effective at the post.

For you doubters, look at his statline...ball don't lie, he's averaging
21 pts per game, 52% field goals, 83% free throws and 8 rebounds a game.


All those stats are good, and the fact is he will make the NBA and have a long career because of the fact that he does work as hard as anybody else. He is not the best ball handler, he seems to get a little timid when he is outside the lane, and even last night looks for someone to foul him every shot so that he can make up for the shots he throws up half the time (like that improv 3, he really was not expecting to make that shot, he threw his body forward to try and get the foul becuase he knew he shouldnt have made it). In the NBA there will be better defenders and more athletic big men that can simply outplay him. In the nba he will most likely land a reserve role where he can be used as a backup center or power forward since he is not a true dominant center like others in the nba.

Just want to say I am a state fan by the way, and as much as I hate hansflop, he is one of the hardest workers out there, and he deserves the chance to be in the NBA, I just dont think he will make as big of an impact as most UNC fans and Tom seems to think.


I don't understand how some people say he will not be a good pro, like it is fact. Same thing about Tebow going to the NFL. No one knows yet. I see Hansbrough going late in the first to an established team like the Spurs. Alex, read the article. Tom says he will be in an NBA team's rotation, not a starter. I see him as a Jeff Foster type. Not a star, but a solid player who will get you tough boards and putbacks. Also, a big guy who shoots over 80% from the free throw line is not too common. I think Hansbrough will definitely make it in the league. If Sean May is still in the NBA, then Hansbrough will be there fir sure.


I like Duke and I'm also a UF graduate. I see a lot of Tim Tebow in Hansbrough. He's a hard worker with a good attitude. He's hard not to like, even if you're a Duke fan. I hope he does well in the NBA.


When he announced he was returning for his senior year I expected that he would develop into more of a perimeter threat. After all that is what he needs to be effective in the NBA. He could be a Larry Bird style player, but instead he is playing that same old post up game and unfortunately I dont see how that can be effective in the pros for a man his size. God bless him though, he makes Duke look like a high school team time and time again.

charles p

he won't be a good pro, the refs wont be sucking up to him or roy in the nba, he will foul out in the first half.


You Duke fans sure are butt hurt today!


Hansbrough will be a good role player in the NBA that will have a few high scoring games every now and then when the J is falling. Don't underestimate him though. He's worked on his game a lot since Freshman year. I've seen worse players actually turn into decent pros. However, the guy that compared him to Barkley must be a hockey fan. Not even close.

Jefferson Davis' Revenge

Think Eduardo Najara. Nothing more, nothing less.


I didn't know that people as stupid as Michael knew how to use a computer.


Dave Cowens.

Hanborough will be a hard-nosed interior player with the ability to step out to 15-18 feet to hit that jumper.

He won't be a NBA star, but he will be a fan favorite wherever he plays. He will be Mark Madsen with a superior skill set. And Lakers fans LOVED Madsen during those Shaq-Kobe champioinship years.


I think he'll do better than a lot of people think. People tend to forget that the vast majority of NBA players only vaguely engage in anything that could be called defense. At worst, he's a sixth man who hustles and gives you 10 and 6 a night.


A, B, C, D, E, F, G

Pedro Gonzalez

I don't expect him to be a star, but anyone who thinks he is "D-League" or won't get picked in the first round, or won't ever get much playing time in the NBA are just showing their anti-UNC bias.

Dennis Rodman couldn't shoot, but he went for the ball harder than anyone else on the court at the time. That made him a tremendous rebounder and defender. If Tyler can be half as effective as Rodman, he will be a starter in the NBA. Not saying he will be just like Rodman, but Rodman proves that desire and "wanting it" more than the guy next to you on the court can get you pretty far in the NBA.


He will be a good pro, especially with the right team. put him on the front line with Tim Dunkin and that teams style of play and see what happens.. Every championship team needs a player like that, the hard nose ones who will do the dirty work,The Dave Cowans, the Dennis Rodmans and Kirk Rambas type player and Hanborough is a better offensive player than the last two, he is closer to Dave Cowans and he turned out to be a pretty good pro dont you think?

Michael Procton

Yeah, Michael...not like Elton Brand is a multiple All-Star and one of four active players to average 20 and 10 for their career. Not like Chris Duhon has has been one of the best PGs in the league under Mike D'Antoni in NY. Not like Grant Hill is a gold medalist or a SEVEN-TIME ALL-STAR. All Duke players really do just suck. Especially compared to UNC studs like Jeff McInnis and Eric Montross.

As for Hansbrough, he's not going to the line every time he's breathed on or gets looked at mean by an opposing player. As such, his offensive game is gone in the pros. He'll be a 10th man who gets 8-12 MPG and goes for something like 4 and 4. But that's an ok career...just ask Cherokee Parks.

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