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Right on, Tom. Gross is exactly what the Panthers want. He is a great player, a great teammate, and a great person. Most importantly, he has no ego despite his talent. How about a full-length treatment of Gross on Sunday and how his commitment to team will help the Panthers win far more than Peppers commitment to I don't know what.


I just want to say... The Carolinas love you Jordan and I do too! Keep up the great work on the field.


You know what else is great about Jordan? His hairstyle has gotten so much hipper than the bubba cut he had when he was drafted. If you do a feature on him, please be sure to cover this. :o)


So let me get this straight (because once again you sound like an idiot Tom), Gross is worth the money paid but not in the top 5 of the league. He did make 1st team all pro but not in the top 5. The Panthers will get their money worth but he's not in your top tier of OL? Do you see what I'm getting at dumb*ss? Just like every other piece you write-it's bass ackwards. Would the disturber PLEASE get some real sports writers and not hasbeen yearbook sloughs!

Panthers Super Fans

Great to have Jordan back. The Panthers definitely did the right thing, he deserves this. I have had the pleasure of meeting Jordan after some of the Panthers practices and at Wofford and he has always been a great guy and very friendly. He is also a class act in the community and a great part of the Panthers organization.

Jon in DC

Tom - Your right, the Peppers story has been on the mind of every Panthers fan...the deadline looming...tick tock...tick tock...it made for high drama. Now the clock resets to 4/25, the 1st day of the NFL draft.

Film at 11p


No f..ing football player is worth that kind of money.

Reality has set in in Charlotte with our damaged economy and the first discretionary purchase to go will be Panther tickets. I can hardly wait to hear, penalty, Number 69,false star. Then we'll have Julius Peppers sulking and playing every other down because he is disgruntled.

Send Peeprs to Oakland. Sounds like Al Davis has had a senior moment with what he is paying cornerbacks and punters

The league has lost their mind.

Mr. Richardson, thank you for bringing the Panthers to Charlotte when you did. It was relevant then, but I am very worried for you, a wonderful man, that there will be many empty seats in 2009.


Gross will get better with another year in the same position and the same guys lined up next to him. Tom is right that he is in his prime. We are not paying him for what he did but what he will do over the life of this contract. This will turn out to be one of Hurney's best decisions.

UNC Tarheel

Empty seats? Where? Just becuz they may be empty does not mean they they arent sold since there are close to 70k PSLs and your contract requires you buy season tickets or forfeit the seat and your loot.

The guy with the girls first name Gross is no Peppers but its not a finality that JP is gone anyway.

So Jerry Richardson got a new heart? Wonder who the lucky donor was? You know he probably had some qualified candidates or some tragic event such as a car accident or suicide whose family allowed him to take the heart out of their loved ones corspe but this is a very risky thing since it has to be done immediately after death and put on ice in a beer cooler before taken to be reinstalled in the patient.

As morbid as it may sound, there are many people who would have willingly given a NFL celebrity billionaire owner like JR their heart or their loved ones heart thus since he got one so quick one has to wonder if this was the case. Many people are on a waiting list for over a year and die before they get a good heart.

Hearts have to from younger people with no diseases or alcoholic problems or other restrictions. None of the Observer sports writers would qualify for obvious reasons.

We havent gotten into this to find out who the donor was and if JR will go public to thank this obviously expired individual and his family and we can learn what occured to the donor or how they died and the events of getting the good heart to the hospital for the transplant.

The UNC mascot who was also a graduate of JM Robinson HS over in Concord behind Lowes Motor Speedway named Jason Ray who died in NJ 2 yrs ago so tragically being hit by a car during the Final Four had most of his vital organs donated to at least 5 individuals across America such as a his heart lungs liver eyes and other parts. They all got together on Oprah Winfrey last year and honored the brave young man and his brave family who donated these organs although the UNC mascot had always indicated he wanted his organs donated if he ever died. Very honorable of the utmost integrity.

Hopefully the extremely fortunate Mr. Jerry Richardson will likewise come forward when he recovers from all this with the name of the donor and honor whoever they are in similar fashion as they did with Mr. Jason Ray.

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