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Are Charlotte fans really bragging about being better than Winthrop?

You are located in Charlotte. You are a state school with 20K+ students. You have lax admission requirements for mens basketball players and you have a fantastic on-campus arena. You play in the A-10.

You SHOULD be better than Winthrop. But I guess maybe this explains why your program has taken a turn for the worst over the past 3-4 years. Kind of hard to improve whenever your standards are so low. "Sure, our team might suck compared to other A-10 teams.. but we are still better than Winthrop and Wingate and Belmont Abbey!!"

Whatever makes you sleep better at night.


Hold on I just read where someone said he didnt make 1st team. You mean to tell me he didnt make 1st team Big South as a Freshman yet he wants to transfer to a conference where some Freshman are leaving after 1 year to go to the NBA????



Good luck with that!


UNCC guy, pretty funny.

Too bad all your appearances were back at least 10 years ago.

WU is the better program now. It's the truth and you know it.


Funny UNCC guy.

UNCC's success was what, 15-20 years ago?

WU is the better program now and will continue to be.


You people are hard on a kid. Ease up. Kids transfer every year for similar reasons. It's life. Would you say this if Seth transferred to a bigger school for better academics? The fact is that he's trying to position himself for a better future. There's nothing wrong with that. STOP HATING!!!!!!!!!!!!


you are all idiots!!! NJIT all the way...NJIT can beat both of them


UNCC guy is funny. When was the last time UNCC played in a tourney game much less won one? The 90's?

WU passed that program by long ago.


Ha, when was the last time UNCC even made the tourney?

WU passed that program by years ago.

Have fun relishing those appearances in the 80's and 90's.


The fans of pitiful UNC-concrete talking smack on here? Hahahahahaha

Winthrop has a bad year every five or so years. UNC-dump has one every year.

Sorry, but WU passed that program by years ago.

Gregg Marshall

Ha-Ha. Charlotte would be in the tourney every year if all they had to do was win 3 Big South games in a row in March to get in.
BSC is at the bottom of the barrell in NCAA basketball.


At least Charlotte basketball players don't get caught stealing from Wal-mart.

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