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Anne Bradsher

I am a truly a basketball fan from the Michael Jordan days - who attended UNC and is my favorite team. Stephen has put Davidson on the map as far as sports is concerned....I knew Davidson was there as I am a North Carolian, but I never thought of sports and Davidson in the same breath. I will be watching Stephen as he has grown to be one of my favorite basketball players. He had such great parents to make him a star inside and out.


I don't think Curry will leave Davidson. I have a son who attends Davidson, I have been in the environment to see how the students love their school. It such a close communnity of students. I just cannot see him leaving that environment one year early. Its not like he needs the money one year earlier, surely, mom and dad will continue to support him.


I hope Steph stays at Davidson for a purely selfish reason - I love to see him play! He has contributed so much to college basketball. I think if he turns pro one year early, he will end up on the bench like JJ Redick. NBA coaches are not like Coach K and McKillop. They do not CARE about their players - just the money. But if Steph stays at Davidson, his parents need to be sure he has enough insurance in case he gets hurt. I remember the laughs when Laetner's Dad insured his legs. This was a very smart move as far as I am concerned. Laetner stayed at Duke, got his degree, won a Final Four, made lots of money and bought most of the city of Durham!
Again, I hope Steph stays and graduates from Davidson.


If you shoot 27 times you should have AT LEAST 40 points.


I'd like to see you try scoring 40 points in 27 shots, Darrell. Unguarded. Forget the fact he gets double teamed by every guard combo he plays against.

Jon in DC

I see Steph staying one more year @ Davidson as Seth moves from Big South to Southern to join his big brother for his Senior Year.

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