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fox and hurney need to be fired. 2nd round pick, this guy was a lottery pick when we drafted him, come on fox and hurney are you out of your minds. how can you richardson's stand by and let this happen. we need at least a number 1 and or a second round pick this year and and 1st round next year for this guy.


Trade Peppers to Denver for Cutler, GOD knows we need a QUARTERBACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



your an idiot if you think a second round pick is enough for Peppers. This guy has the 2nd most sacks since coming into the NFL. If we let him go for just a 2nd round pick, the fire fox, hurney voice just picked up another loud member.


They don't have lottery picks in the NFL....that is the NBA.


The Lottery is actually an NBA draft term. Julius Peppers is 29 years old. What you guys are missing is the fact that Carolina also gets the much needed cap space by doing this deal. It's not all about the 2nd round pick.


I would rather have a franchise QB for the next 7-10 yrs in cutler vs a 2nd pick.

Call me crazy.

You can probably Jake for a 2nd - 3rd pick to somewhere else.


Trade Peppers to Denver for Cutler. Don't waste him on a second round pick. No knock on Jake but he is on the down slope oe his career.

Charlie Dayton

This is going to be a PR nightmare if the Panthers go through with this. At the very least, the Panthers have to get pick No. 23, which the Patriots hold. If Peppers hadn't screwed us by saying he'd only go to one of four teams, we'd have some leverage. But what has this organization done for No. 90 in the last seven years?


I'd be dissappointed with only a 2nd round pick, but I'd be more dissappointed with Peppers tying up $17 million while the entire defensive line needs to be upgraded.

Make the deal.


It is a shame but I think the 34th pick overall is the best we can expect to get for Peppers. Everyone knows we can not afford the salary cap hit if we franchise him again for the 2010 season. At the very most we have him for one season only and to get a 34th pick is better than just one year of Peppers. Also, low first round and high second round picks are great value, compared to a high first round pick where you have to overpay.


Get him outta here and save the cap room.


Some of you idiots need to stop writing things on public forums - it's embarrasing.

Lottery pick? Moron.

Fire Fox for what we get or don't get in a trade? Moron.

And for those of you that can't understand why the 34th overall pick might be all we can get - which would you rather have:

Peppers playing on a one-year tender and 3-4 bums off the street playing significant roles on the OL next year and Eugene Robinson coming out of retirement and converting to nickelback to fill that void,


$17M in cap space, the second pick in the second round, and a guy that doesn't want to be here OFF THE TEAM.

Oh yeah, and don't forget. If we don't pull the trigger now, we are in the same situation next year, only then we would have to pay Peppers $19M or lose him for nothing, and that's if he doesn't get injured this year in which case we get nothing.

Other teams know this too. That's why you can't just set your own price for him.

Just stop being stupid please.


I agree, Jim that Jake is worth a 2nd-3rd round pick somewhere else, but Delhomme is set to make $11 million off the cap this year and for a mediocre QB, no team is going to want him or his salary...


Screw the cap space. Consider projected production for this coming season. Do you really think the 34th pick plus any available free agents would have the kind of impact that Peppers would? The Panthers should keep him unless they get market value for him.


How can Peppers be worth only a 2nd round pick, when Jared Allen is worth a 1st and two 2nd's last year, with less potential and legal troubles?


It's killing them. All the Carolina fans/alum around here can't see the truth about this situation and what he is doing and how much it is costing. This includes all the sports writers w/UNC degrees that saturate Charlotte Sports information.

UNC fans, move on becuase your golden boy wants to leave the state. Sorry!


authority is correct much more up side with no off field distractions.the 23 as well as the 34 and we got a deal NE.and maybe super bowl 35 ring!done deal!!!!


Only speak when you know what you are speaking about. You would not only get the 2nd round pick but the freed up salary cap space to pursue other talent. We have nothing right now. Also the Jared Allen deal was for a 1st and a 3rd. Jared Allen was younger and not trying to switch positions. Different case all together. Get what we can and move on with out Pep.


My take- Trade Peppers for Cutler and use any means necessary to get this accomplished. Use the extra cap space to sign Holt. The Panthers then have the most explosive offense in the NFL. duh


This is why the Patroits are so good. They wait to find a situation where there is a problem, and the take advantage of it. They got Moss this way. That is the difference between our management and theirs. They have three Super Bowl rings, we have zero. Watch and learn Fox and Hurney.


a player's worth is only what another team will give for him. yes peppers is an athletic freak, but with the economy in the toilet, peppers is only worth what another team will offer.
to the fans and front office, peppers is worth at least a first. to the rest of the league, he is worth less than that. that's just how it is.


I think the Panthers leaked this story to the press - and for good reason. The Pats are attempting to low-ball the Panthers (classic Belicheat). The Panthers leaked the story to let the rest of the NFL know that the Pats are interested and their potential offer. In other words, let the bidding begin!


If they make this trade, not only will it be a no win situation for Fox/Hurney, but whoever they pick with the 34th pick will always be labeled as "What we got for Peppers". I would hate to be that player and more than likely will be on ESPN's or NFL Network's worst trades in history top 10 list. Like Atlanta and Favre.


Patriots will not want to give up more than one pick so why not make the trade with the addition of trading the 2nd round draft pick the Pats got from San Diego (#47) for the Cats 2nd round pick (#59). This costs the Pats only a second round pick and some positioning while giving the Panthers a much better drafting position.
With #34 the Panthers may get a chance to grab Josh Freeman for their QB of the future and use #47 for the best Defensive Lineman available.


The 34th pick is not really any different than the 32nd which is a first round pick. Take the 34 and get something else. A 3rd or 4th round pick would do. Let's do this asap and move on. The pool of available FA defensive ends isn't getting any deeper. We need to get busy. If we clear Peppers we can sign Jason Taylor to a 3 yr deal to hold us until we rebuild the DL through the draft.

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