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Good point on the "Carolina Refs"...

As a fan of College Basketball it is largely apparent that in games certain perennial Top 25 teams get a significant advantage when it comes to fouls.

For instance, Psycho T had only 1 foul in the game against VT, and that 1 foul came when Roy instructed Carolina to foul with less than a minute remaining.

I am not sure which game people were watching but in all of Tyler's ability he fouls just as much as any other gritty defender in the country, sometimes he is the most slap happy player on the court.

I respect his tenacity but just because a player's style is tenacious doesn't mean certain bodily contact should be overlooked.

It isn't as much about the no-call at the end of the game as it is that throughout the course of the game Refs always make calls that favor the Heels and sometimes the Blue Devils.

Take a look at the type of fouls and who the fouls are on not the total fouls at the end of the game.

Teams like Carolina and Duke tend to get more shooting fouls called in their favor so they are at least getting a chance to get points as a result of a foul.

On the flip side most of their fouls are off ball or blocking fouls, giving the opponent no chance at points from the play.

I love the ACC but every year it seems like teams playing Carolina and Duke have to not only beat the team, but the refs as well.


And it certainly was a correct no-call at the end of the game, there was little if no contact at all...


CJ, you are right on the mark. Look at Clemson at UNC last year where two evenly matched teams played as demonstrated with 3 very close games. carolina shot 30+ free throws to a much lower # for Clemson. Look at Duke-FSU in recent games, or Duke-Clemson last year, where the refs even had to admit they messed up the clock. UNC and Duke have been getting calls for years and anyone who has watched ACC refs for years knows it.


I have always felt that the refs called the games for the home team in the ACC. Except for calling for Hansbrough wherever he is. However, I thought the refs in this tournament have been better than they usually are. Someone said UNC must not have been able to pay off the refs in Atlanta! The ACC needs 4 refs. Then maybe they can see everything. But then, it may not be a good game with all the stopping and starting!


you can't just consider the total amount of shots in deciding whether a team gets the benefits of calls. Tyler takes 95% of his shots from within 6 feet of the basket, and when double-teamed, instead of kicking the ball out, he muscles his way up and gets the foul. That is something unusual. So he is often fouled. One thing about him is he RARELY complains about non-calls. Another reason for the descrepancy in total fould called is that in many games UNC is often ahead, so the trailing team is forced to jack up 3 pointers(where there is almost never a foul called) and they also often have to intentionally foul to try to get back into the game.


sorry, typo above. I meant to type "you can't consider the total amount of FOULS called"



everyone knows the refs are against UNC.


I find it funny that you talk of the Douglas trip, but fail to mention with 20 seconds left the FSU defender grabbing Hansbroughs arm to allow the ball to become free. I have it on DVR and have watched it several times it is clearly a foul. I think that the problem with ACC refs are their inconsistency. They call a foul on a guy who was already slipping when another kid accidentally bumps knees with him and then allow another guy to get grabbed with a no call. Thus allowing an advantage. In all honesty and in my opinion they both should have been a no call.

F You

Tom this just makes me want them to fire you even more. For everyone who thinks UNC gets calls its because every year they are better than your team so you need something to tell yourself to make you feel better. Go watch any other elite team and watch the stupid shit they call.




You Carolina fans make me sick! they get all the calls! There is no way that Hansboro is that fast every time to be flopping in front of a guard getting knocked down to the floor flat on his back by a 180lb guard every game...but the refs love Hansboro and the hardly ever give him a blocking call! Everyone knows that they are UNC refs out there!


Duston, its not that Tyler is "that fast", he is smart and is usually in great position to be able to take the flop and get the call in his favor. When a guy has his body squared to the opponent and gets ran over it is an offensive foul, plain and simple. Now the walking Tyler gets away with is another story.
In reference to the Davis foul, how often does a guy lying on the floor get stepped on and the foul is on him??

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