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Is this supposed to be a vertical move?


Well we all know Duke needs all the help they can get.

Jon in DC

Finally the Dookies get a player with a NC connection!

dukie v

lol at idiot unc fans


what a flippin joke. Like he's going to make Duke any better. They still don't have any inside players worth a crap.


I hope he sits on the bench for 3 years and collects dust

Steve Wojo

Seth Curry and Duke. I love it Coach!!! But this is isn't going to get us anywhere near playing at the level of the Tar Heels. Sweet 16...here we come!!! Oh, and please teach him how to flop!


Now that Coach K is getting Seth to transfer to Duke, can he get Stephen too?


Hope he likes tasting some tea bags served up by Booker!


He probably had to apply for New Jersey residency to get in.


Is he a PG? No.

Is he a Dominant POST PLAYER? No.

K gets another guy to run around screens & jack up perimeter shots all game long, but still can't get a big man or an elite PG.

Now that I think of it, it wouldn't matter if they had Dwight Howard in the paint. After 10 minutes with Wojo, he'll be playing like a scared 6th grade girl....just like every other post player that decides to abort their basketball careers by going to dook.

K has lost his touch, & unless he pulls a bag of $$$ out of his "leadership school" to pay off John Wall;s handlers, he can expect to be looking up at UNC for the foreseeable future.

UNC > dook.

Learn it.


ugh. dont know why seth made this move. the last few years the rat has not been developing his players well at all. i was hoping he would go somewhere else to maximize his potential. oh well.


Could be worse...he could have ended up at Clemchoke and wasted away with false hope. But you do get a free "push down the steps" of a lady with each double/double as a Tigger.


Like you know anything. Did you guys have fun in the NIT?


Wow...Hokie71, are you still bitter about not making the Tourney (second year in a row) then getting blown out in your own house by Baylor in the NIT?

I guess there was a reason Seth never even considered his father's alma mater...

dukie v

lol at the pissed off tarholes

tyler zeller

oh i'm so scared!!


As a Davidson grad, this move is puzzling.

Duke is on a downswing....everyone knows it. This is kinda like buying stock in AIG a year & a half ago.


No one cares about Duke. Their 5 year run of ACC dominance is in the rear view. I'm actually pretty amazed at how Roy Williams has basically come into the ACC & totally taken K's thunder from him in just 5 years.

It's pretty incredible.


Wow the amount of Duke hate/jealousy is amazing. If I were a Tar Heels fan, I'd be happy I'm in the Final Four and worry about winning two more games, not who Duke was getting next year. I can say that pretty confidently as a Duke fan...in 2001 I could care less about who Carolina was recruiting.

Is Seth Curry a cure all? NO. Especially not if Gerald Henderson leaves. Would a true PG or big man help? Sure. Is Duke playing like it was 8 years ago or 16- 17 years ago? Or all the years Final Four ACC Championships?

But this horrible "downswing" Duke is in? Winning 30 games, the ACC Championship (that's right, there is no regular season ACC champion), a sweet 16 birth...most fans would kill for that kind of year.

Duke had a much worse down swing in the mid to late 90s following our 94 Finals loss. By 99 we were in the finals again, by 2001 we were champions.

I know most fans memories don't go back that far...when Roy Williams was primarily known as a Final Four choke artist. Roy's done some good work (inheriting some of Matt Doherty's talent didn't hurt), but even if he wins it all this year...he has yet to come close to accomplishing what Coach K has.


PERSONALLY, I am for anything that helps to kick unc's butt. Or that gives someone a better chance to kick unc's butt to the curb. Can't stand that sick puny blue color they have. They are just a team the I love to say that 'I just can't stand'.


What? He didnt go pro? From all the hype these Currys get we thought he was another LeBron. Dissing the SoCo? RU kidding? This is the granddady league 4th oldest in America.
Duke used to be in the SoCo. Did he know that?
The Southern Conference is 88 years old formed in 1921 in Atlanta with 14 members Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi State, UNC , NC State, Tennessee, Virginia, Virginia Tech, and Washington & Lee. In 1922, six more universities - Florida, LSU, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tulane, and Vanderbilt joined the conference. Later additions included VMI (1925), Duke (1929), and Wake Forest (1936).

The SoCon spawned two other major conferences. In 1933, thirteen schools located south and west of the Appalachians Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, LSU, Mississippi, Mississippi State, Sewanee, Tennessee, Tulane, and Vanderbilt departed the SoCon to form the Southeastern Conference (SEC). In 1953, seven schools Clemson, Duke, Maryland, North Carolina, North Carolina State, South Carolina, and Wake Forest withdrew from the SoCon to form the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC)

Other former members were East Carolina, East Tennessee State, George Washington , Marshall, Richmond, William & Mary and West Virginia.

And Curry too good for the SoCo? Please. If he was all that he wouldnt have gone to LU in the first place.


I think he has all the talent and intangibles of a young Dave McClure. Why, he could be averaging ten minutes a game in only two short years. Dare to dream, young one. Dare to dream.


Tarholes, Tarholes, Tarholes. First of all, they're making to trip to Detroit for nothing. Just like last year at the final four. Oh wait, nevermind, these are roy's recruits, not anyone eles so they'll loose. With that being said, let's talk next year. I see Nolan Smith posting zeller at will, zeller sucks. Did you tarholes see Mason Plumlee and Ryan Kelly last night at the high school jam fest. Oh yeah, it was mighty delightful. Seth is just gonna add to our attack the year after.

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