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If the Blue Devils had beaten Villanova this would not be a story, at lease not yet.

Steph will be a "Bobby Frasor" type player. Nothing more, nothing less.

I am surpries that Duke has to resort to picking up talent from a program like Liberty.

Tom can make funny comments about reading this blog but we know he ego is too big to resist reading. Roy is whipping Mike in the recruiting game. This fact cannot be disputed. Tom, I have read your articles. You can ill afford to kill many more brain cells.


Thanks for your wonderful insight, Tom. I love reading the opinions of unbiased media reporters, and yours is no exception. Hopefully when Seth is reigning threes in Cameron, your beloved Tar Holes will be crying about how much they miss the wide-eyed, open-mouthed fungus that is Tyler.


I think people need to get a life. You're ripping an 18 year old kid who does it the right way. If you live your life based on the happiness of what a group of 18-22 years kids do on a wooden court, you need to re-examine your life.



I would think being a Duke fan you of all people should understand, "live by the three, die by the three."

Really not sure why you are reading a basketball blog anyway. Your season is over. You can now look forward to Dook Football.


Duke landed a great young player and he will do fine there. Having a Curry on the team will make Duke much harder to hate.

But all obstacles can be overcome with effort and determination.


Nothing will make Duke harder to hate.


Jim Fungus,

It is "raining threes," not "reigning threes."


You can tell when a comment it written by a UNC fan-it typically reads somewhere near a 3rd grade level. Why is this, you ask? B/c the vast majority of UNC fans didn't actually go to college, and I would wage that a sizeable percentage didn't get that coveted GED either....


To ThreeThousandFt2Glory

They're commonly referred to as "Wal-Mart Fans." They tend to live in North & South Carolina and are disciples, and the only current listeners, of Primetime with Mark Packer and the rest of the inept WFNZ line-up. The only requirement for membership is being a fan of a college they couldn't get into if someone held the door open for them.


But they are smart enough to know Walmart does not contain a hyphen. They also understand proper sentence structure.

Phil VanHoy

Too many unemployed Tar Holes with too much ideal time on their hands.


The benefit of being unemployed is staying up late next Monday night to celebrate The National Championship. Not all of us can operate a deep fryer with the expertise of you Phillip.


Tom is saying that reading comments from people who read his blog will kill his brain cells. So, the only folks to read his blogs are essentially morons who have no real insight? Hey, you said it Tom. Since the Observer is laying off people, you should be one of the first ones gone. Idiot.


That's what happens when your rival fanbase is in large quantities and when they're so obsessed they have to resort to name-calling their rival instead of focusing on a Final Four team. Anyone who thinks Seth Curry is being brought over to Duke as The Answer is kidding themselves. He may be a 6th man at best at Duke.


Too many angry Dookies upset their team is at home in Durham.


And I hate to break it to you but a substantial percentage of Dook fans didn't go to Dook either. Many of them are students at some of the finest community colleges New Jersey has to offer.

Greg S

I love how Duke is the "evil-empire" to Tar Whores fans....Duke is far from evil. It's not like the coach led the USA to the Gold...that's soo evil....

"at some of the finest community colleges New Jersey has to offer."

Or all of the ones in North Carolina (besides UNC/NC St) I go to App State and there are so many UNC fans here...

Fans come from everywhere...that argument (from both sides) is just dumb.

Greg S

You would think with their team in the Final 4 they would have more to talk about than their hatred for the true Blue.

Is their hatred for Duke greater than their love for the Tar Whores...



Ace - Good catch on the spelling. I missed that.

Secondly, not a Duke fan actually, but that was very thoughtful of all to immediately assume that to be true.

Ronny Willingham

I have never read sports writer who has such a thin sports acumen but such a wholesale disdain for "commoners" who follow the Observer. I travel around the country and Tom should be plying his trade at a Rock Hill level newspaper. No way he cuts it at a major market newspaper or magazine. It's sad that his snarly opinions and dark insights are the only drivel that the paper thin Observer is serving up to area sports fans. Tom, ever thought about adding perspective and depth rather than irritatingly picking at an issue and trying to put down the environment that you live in? Is your life this miserable? You are definitely the kid we threw spitballs at in school.


you don't think seth curry will help duke that much...your wrong tom..when curry get's to duke we would have lost henderson and jon..so were going to need a shooter..plus the to big guys coming in this year will help out inside game..i think duke is on the upside and curry just gives us a big push.


Dell Curry is a class act and so are his sons. Good for Seth for having the guts to step up to ACC level competition. I'm a Heels fan, but I respect coach K and what he has done over there. It's the DorK fans and their 'I can read from the cheer sheet I'm so crazy' attitude I can't stand.


most ridiculous thing you have ever written, I would hope.
Completely false, try again.
Good luck in Durham Seth...sure you'll do wonderful.


All i can say is that coach k gets a whole year to break him down and turn him into watever he sees best fit for him and honestly how many corny a$$ duke jokes can u cornballs come up with, its j funny how the word BAND WANGON seems to fit Carolina fans who wanna swear they know all, 90% of these jokers cant tell me half the players over the years that been there or who the coach was b4 roy MAN u gotta be a fan of basketball b4 u can run ur pathetic mouths.......thank u for all of u who know wat im talking about.....there are some of us left...


P.S.- Seth u have a great opp. and man as a dukie we welcome u with open arms good luck man,............

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