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radford could be a dangerous team. if they were seeded higher, they would make some noise in the tourney. watch for art to make the tarheel interior look soft. they are tenacious on the boards and are a gritty bunch in the paint.i wish them the best, but i don't think they have the speed to keep up with unc.


Radford will make the "tarheel interior look soft"? Seriously? Dude, come on. I haven't seen that yet this year and I more than seriously doubt Radford is going to do it. Give me a break.


Radford could be dangerous because Ric Flare once rassled there.


dont they mean...."Tar".........."Holes"????


And god knows such a "fine" institution as UNC deserves suck a wickedly creative chant such as that one. Goes to show you most of their fans couldn't spell diploma, much less earn one.


I'm sorry Procton but where did you go to school? If I'm not mistaken, you talk alot about Dook. I suppose spirit fingers and wearing speedos are better? Take a walk.

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