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Go Cats!


yes go cats, go far far away


Can't wait for the game tonight. Have my tickets in hand... Let's go 'Cats!!!!!


Go Chris, go far far way...hater


How many times have we seen articles like this? We get it....the Hornets were popular.


Sorensen and Ric Flair holding hands cheering for the Hornets. Those were the days.

Bort Svenson

Yeah seriously sascol's right. Why not embrace the present instead of rehashing the past. It's like people are spinning in circles here! Codpiece!


Because, Bort. This team has been so terribly mismanaged from top to bottom since day one that it makes you sad to remember how great the Hornets days were.


Well people its our kidz and the younger ones we need to help, Man going to a b-ball game when i was 8years to 16 yrs was some of my best memories, and all u fans with kids that are still mad about the taxes, think about it it would of went somewhere else if not to the arena. SO stop keeping ur kids and family and friends from loving our BOBCATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!Grow up and stop crying of spilled milk there here to stay j get over it

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