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bill lassiter

You got that right Tom!


I think you're right, Tom. I don't think he can cut it in the ACC. To have all that talent, and for them to be as absolutely unprepared as they were against Maryland and Cleveland State, that all falls on the head coach. It's really a waste of a lot of talent to have absolutely no leadership at the top.


How about bringing in Ric Flair to motivate the team. The players could look at his stellar accomplishments and use those for motivation. Matter of fact why not hire Flair to coach the team?

Gaudio has forgot more about basketball than Sorenstam ever knew. Everybody has a bad day (just ask John Fox). Take this article for example.

William Aldridge

I think Wake and Gaudio get a bye on this one. Remember they are a young team and a second year head coach (first year in the big dance). There is an old mantra,"you have to lose one before you can win one". So next year will be the telling year. They will have great talent AND experience, so if they fail then, I would rip them,too.

Smash and Dash

Absolutely right, Tom! Wake's collapse at the end of the season is inexcusable and embarassing. The coaching staff should be ashamed of themselves for wasting this season.
It would be nice if Carolina and Duke didn't have to carry the weight of the whole conference on their shoulders every year in the NCAA tourney.
It's time for the rest of the pretenders in the ACC to be called out for their mediocrity.

Heel Observer

They wont have all that talent next year. Teague and Johnson are gone. Maybe Aminu too. This was their year, it's all downhill from here. However, if the lesser talent plays together next year, they may actually perform better in the end. Problem with this team is there were to many "Go-To-Players" and not enough "We-Players".


while I do agree that wake MIGHT need another coach, i disagree with the assesment of smith. wake actualy played better when teague had the ball.both smith and teague played better wit the ball in their hands, and when you put teague at the a 2 you made him less effective. gaudio didnt know how to use his talent to the best of their abilities. the deacs played with no sense of urgency, and thats on the coach. while I do agree that teague and johnson are gone, I hope that aminu stays. I agree with heels observer point, but its a shame because unlike duke and unc, wake doesnt get that much talent together too often.

Panthers Super Fan

James Johnson might leave but Teague is not ready for the pros, and if he's smart, he knows it.


whle many are calling for gaudios head after that horrible loss, lets look at what he did do as a head coah. First, the three recruits that Prosser signed before he died all stayed. while much of that was due to their loyalty to the school and program, gaudio had a hand in it. next he guided wake to a 16-0 record and the #1 ranking. The deacs also beat unc, duke once, and swept clemson. This was a talented team that has been playing bad the last month. The deacs have two solid recruiting classes already signed, so the future is bright in Winston.While this loss was horrible wake always played to the level of their competition, this time it bit them hard.


Teague's attitude was the problem with this team. He was great early in the year but eventually he sulked when his PT was decreased. Wake will be better if he leaves. It will be addition by subtraction


Young team; inexperienced coach; very good Cleveland State team. They got back to the NCAA tournament, didn't they? Wake's program headed south in a big way after CP left in 2005, and Gaudio got 'em back to the Big Dance this year. Give 'em all a break. Shit happens.


They need to call Bobby Knight.


Over rated. Why don't you write the same piece about Gary Williams who just got toasted today?


Start Ish Smith and convince Jeff Teague to transfer to NC State cause we need a PG


I give him another year. This was Guadio's first time in the dance as a head coach. The guy is obviously smart; he managed to coach his team into beating the Heels and the Dookies.


guadio looks like a deer in da headlights.


I have been a faithful,loyal(almost to the point of obsession) devoted fan of Deacon basketball for my whole life(26 yrs),my family,we are alumni & big supporters.I spoke to L.D. Williams @ the NC State home game & he assured me the team was gonna fight to get to Detroit(for the Final Four).I was shell-shocked by this team over these two tournaments(ACC & NCAA).Flat-out embarassing.I feel like the players let us down.Not the coaches,they don’t play the game.There is something wrong with this team chemistry-wise.Something is going on internally in that locker room between the players & I don’t know what it is.The rumor is Johnson & Aminu are gonna test the waters in the draft, Mcfarland has an additude problem, & so does Teague, those are the rumors. Well, I invested so much emotion into these guys & I feel like they broke our hearts. So…..I feel(maybe my feelings will change over the summer),I feel like I want ALL of this team to leave,be gone with you Johnson & Aminu,Teague & McFarland!!Smith & Williams I’d keep as role players just because I think they care about the well-being of the team.Clark is a bum(wasted scholarship), Hale is gone,Weaver has heart but little game,Woods & Walker I don’t even know what to think of you two. I just can’t wait for our new recruits, C.J.Harris, feisty point guard, Ari Stewart, should be special, and the sharp-shooter from Norway to get here next year! Maybe, just maybe these guys will play like a team with determination and swagger like a Syracuse team who I just love, who will their way to win.Why can’t we have players with swagger & skill & a will to win?! Get those three new kids here @ Wake, and the 2010 class here with Melvin Tabb, Tony(kid from Phili), and J.T. Terrell and who ever else we can get and I will be happy to replace these six new kids with any we have now because they have no swagger or will, they played like little boys on the playground who go hide behind the teacher cause they’re scared! I’m sick of this team and their attitude and lack of will to win no matter what the cost. They have no heart & no fight in them. They disgust me today to even look at their poster on the wall. Be gone with you, leave for the league Johnson & Aminu and become the no-names that you are in a league full of athletes better than you, and forget about a legacy to leave at Wake. We will forget you too. You have done nothing for me but cause me heartache and pain yet I still adore you guys, must be love, but you really blew it for our community. Just my humble opinion. All I can do is just shake my head at what coulda been. It hurts.


The ACC is completely embarrassing.

The nation has rename Wake Forest...

The conference has only one good team.

Fake Forest.

I like these internet site for Fake Forest.





And Fake Forest.

They surely go together.


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