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How many times are you going to use the line about Gerald driving to the basket or horsies jumping over stuff? Lame. You do realize the schedules were released before the season, so finishing up against tough opponents and on the road isn't exactly news to Cats fans. I can't believe the Checkers allowed your punkass to sit on their bench.


Tom, you do realize that if the Cats make the playoffs, they will give up their 1st round draft pick, thanks to the bright idea to trade for an extra 1st rounder this year to take Frenchy. That means no shot at Curry or Hansbrough. I agree with you about the lame horse show. They were promoting the heck out of it at the game last night and even gave away tickets. Who would actually want to win tickets to that event? Also, what's up with the Bobcats giving away a '07 Chrysler? After the fiasco with the last car give away, that's what they came up with? Couldn't even get an '09 or even '08 model? Also, since you were at the game last night, what is your impression of the PA announcer and the loud music? I am 25 and went to the AC/DC concert, so loud noise doesn't usually bother me, but last night I could hardly concentrate on the game, thanks to the extremely loud and annoying PA announcer who would make every little play seem like a huge deal? I thought the arena was supposed to be more "family friendly" now, but the loud hip-hop music (all they played) and the booty-shaking dance team (no complaints here) didn't seem so family friendly. That was my 1st Bobcats game in person of the year, and I don't know if I'd pay to go back if I had to fight through the distractions to watch the game. I'd much rather see it on tv. I went to almost every Hornets game, and I can't remember any time where it was as annoying as last night. Lastly, could you do a story or provide an update on the Knights' uptown ballpark situation? It's been awefully quite around here, as another baseball season is set to begin with the Knights still in Fort Mill.


Tom gets carried away a lot, but he is dead on with this. The horse show scheduling is ridiculous. Bob Johnson needs to wake up and realize the Bobcats should come first and all arena scheduling should be done with them in mind. They were put at a major disadvantage by their owner this season by having to play second fiddle to a horse show.

And jrguyiii is right about the arena distractions (music, givaways, etc)....make the focus about the basketball. I am a casual fan (of the Bobcats, I love basketball) and sometimes I wonder why I bother to attend games because the actual game seems secondary. When I watch on TV, the game is the focus, and thats how I like it.

Michael Thompson

Last night's play list included the following songs:
Gimme Some Lovin (Oldies)
I Want You Back (Oldies)
Stronger (Hip Hop)
Glamorous (Pop)
What I Like About You (Rock)
Candy Girl (R&B)
La Grange (Rock)
Boyz (Alternative)
Super Bad (R&B)
Meximix (Mexican)
I Got You Babe (70�s Pop)
Everybody Have Fun Tonight (80�s)
Touch the Sky (Hip Hop)
Mony Mony (Rock)
Groove Is In the Heart (90�s Pop)
Relax Max (Jazz)
The Way I Are (Hip Hop)
That�s Not My Name (Alternative Pop)
Mr. Loverman (R&B)
Thriller (Pop)
Hot & Cold (Rock)
Could You Be Loved (Reggae)
Calabria (Dance)
Rock n Roll Pt.2 (Rock)

3 hip hop songs out of 24 on the evening. 5 rock. 3 R&B. Alternative, jazz, 70's pop and Mexican were played as well. The only thing missing was classical/opera and country. What may have been true about music selection 5 years ago is no longer a valid argument.


It's nice to have a forum for all the whiners and haters!! With the Bobcats red hot, there still has to be 1 or 2 people that cant enjoy their success. At least the crap is limited to the Blog of the writer that everyone knows shows nothing but contempt for the Cats anyway...

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