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You would think that there would be some way for the Panthers Brass to sit down with Peppers and his Agent and come to an amicable resolution. He doesn't want to be here and his agent is apparently having a hard time getting anyone to talk to him. It just seems that a prearranged sign and trade would be the ticket. I know that there are teams out there interested in Peppers but that 1 year Franchise tag is getting in everyone's way.


We could STILL trade him to Denver. They now have an extra 1st round pick from Chicago that they could use for Peppers. The only thing that could hinder the deal would be their salary cap space.


Should just release him. Not going to get ANYTHING for him that's worth any kind of value. At least we'd have all that money to play with. Plus he would have to take a pay cut because nobody in their right mind is going to pay him what he is going to be making. I say try to screw him as much as he's screwing us!



THe Panthers are being held hostage by Julius Peppers and his agent. They are stuck with him- what other NFL team will pay him the $$ he wants, he isnt worth it. I disagree- the Panthers could have had as good a chance as anybody to get Cutler- they werent aggressive enough.


Peppers Agent couldn't hold anyone or anything hostage. He and Peppers have had numerous people tell him how to get the trade he wants. Remember this; Peppers asked to be traded and now refuses to sign the Franchise Tender ?????? The Panthers can't do anything with Peppers (timmytom)SIGN THE FRANCHISE TENDER and negotiate with the team to get out of town. It just might work!

Michael Procton

...except they didn't want him, tt. Why WOULD they want to replace a veteran leader who has led this team to the best successes in its history with a whiner who has never won on any level?


Never been so glad to see a deal go down, so this non-story would finally go away. Geez, the offseason bores the crap outta me.


Peppers a "veteran leader?" That's a joke. Peppers is the opposite of a leader. He is being led around by the nose by his agent. The big dummy doesn't know what he wants. He only knows what his agent tells him he wants.

Michael Procton

Uhh, Jim, I was talking about Delhomme. Peppers is indeed an idiot of the highest form


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