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Hmmm.. a little backstory behind this post, Tom? Regardless, I feel ya. It would be really cool, one time, to feel what it feels like to have the paparazzi clamoring for you, fans fighting each other for your autograph, having your own entourage waiting on your every command. If only some athletes realized how good they have it. I admire the celebs like Jake Delhomme, who is a real fan's guy... he takes out alot of his own time for the fans, something you can't say about 90% of others.

Well, this comment has turned into a rant... someone's character says more about them than anything they could do on the field. I wish some of them could realize that.

Cedar Posts

I got a police escort once, motorcycles and the whole deal. Felt special, driving a red cross van with my flashers on.


Went to the hospital once in an ambulance. Had broken my arm out of town and had to call the ambulance. I asked and was told the sirens and lights were not on, but I could have them turned on. I said please do it cause the next time I may not be able to enjoy it! That was very cool!!

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