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The previous vesroin of these nametags featured a solid backing with tags on top. That vesroin had nametags more like printer paper and they ripped easily. This current vesroin has cutouts around the nametags so the backing is no longer solid. This vesroin's nametags are made out of a shinier material that is not easily torn.Though the labels look a lot better now I really miss the old vesroin. If you have a few sheets of nametags you will find that they start coming off of the main sheet almost immediately, stuck to their own section of backing just a bit bigger than the nametags themselves. That means you really need to pull them all out of the main sheet and stack them together if you want to keep them in alphabetical order. It's not a big deal until you have 50 nametags or more. It was much easier to keep them in order when they would stay in sheets.Also, one time I printed them and they came out the other end of the printer with two tags missing. I couldn't find them, and a week later they came out of the printer on their own.I think this design is poor but the nametags look good when they're in use. They're just not as good for the keeper of the nametags.

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