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Lawson was never considered a lottery pick last spring and he certainly did not maintain a secure spot. NBADraft.net had him going late first round (prior to DUI)in 2009. Even this year, they have him going mid-first round.

Regarding Tyler, he was considered a mid to late first round pick. They also said that he would not improve his position by playing another year. By the 2009 mock draft, that advice was spot on as he is now considered a late first to early second rounder.

While the point of your blurb holds true for Ty, Wayne, and Danny. It is off on Tyler. You should also go back and do some research, because I believe your facts on Ty are way off.


Stu, you just repeated what Tom already said!



Apparently you missed my point, so I will dumb it down for you.

Tom stated "Ty Lawson's postseason escapades undermined his once secure spot in the lottery." No one that I'm aware of had him as a lottery pick, before or after the DUI.

Tom also implied that Tyler came back because the lack of interest from the NBA. Most scouts thought he would only hurt his status if he returned another year.

Both were points Tom made and I disagree. Next time, pay closer attention.


Who the heck ever said "North Carolina's starters selflessly turned down the NBA so they could come back to campus this season and win a championship"???? Surely, not enough people to make it the 'great myth'!

Now, go ahead ABC'ers...and make some more broad generalizations about that insidious segment of our population, 'Those Tar Heel Fans'....


Ty Lawson WAS NEVER charged with a DUI. But do not let the facts get in the way of a good story.

Michael Procton

Pff...driving after drinking, PARTICULARLY when you're NOT EVEN 21, is a shameful act. A better institution would demand more of its players.

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