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Great post. I agree wholeheartedly.

Set The Record Straight

Yea yea yea. Whatever dude. Jack Johnson was born and raised in the south in Galveston Texas in 1878 and died in a car wreck out Raleigh in 1946. Why do you hate whites so bad who invented all these sports?

Johnson was 6'1" and weighed 187lbs when he won the HW title from white James Jefferies in Reno who came out of a 6 yr retirement had to lose 100 lbs and the fight was stopped in the 15th round. Johnson was the 1st black fighter who broke the color barrier after he has won the World Colored HW title in 1903.

JJ was KOed in 1915 in Havana by a big white cowboy named Jess Williard in the 26th round of a 40 rounder and pretty much ended him as he mostly lost after than although got into trouble with the law.

JJ overall record was 124-88 with 49 KOs. He won 65% of his fights. Big deal.

He was married to 3 white jewish females. He got into trouble only with the 2nd wife named Lucille Cameron because she was a 16 years old minor prostitute and he was 32 when they married in 1911. He got into trouble for pimping her across state lines. He was known for hanging out with prostitutes and riotous living. The Mann Act made it unlawful to transport a minor over state lines for immoral purposes involving prostituion mostly with underaged females. He went to prison for it as he should have.

He allegedly stormed out of some diner who wouldnt serve him and at an est 90 mph ran off the road and was killed in a one car accident in 1946 but there is no proof of the diner story and was used as an excuse.

George Bush did not pardon him and they are trying to now but who knows. He broke the law and admitted guilt and served his time. Why all the fuss?

As far as Hank Aaron this is rubbish. Aaron was always liked and anytime a record as big as Babe Ruth was taken out there will be those who hate to see it go. White Minnosotan Roger Maris was hated for breaking Ruths single season record of 60 homers set in 1927 with with his 61 homers for the Yanks in 1961. Maris went to his grave a despised man.

There are sports figures hated for their cocky arrogance. RJackson and BBonds are the of the notorious ones but Cassius Clay became brain damaged as a radical Black Muslim convert movement in Chicago and shirking Nam in 1968 that took his title that he regained in 1971. He used the same technique as JJ being defensive and coy waiting for the other guy to tire or make a mistake rather than offensive and aggressive.

Some call Clay/Ali the greatest but he has proved he couldnt take a punch with his massive brain damage and Parkinsons. Physicians say he should have never been a fighter.

The greatest boxers ever were Jack Dempsey and Rocky Marciano. The greatest baseball player ever was Ty Cobb.

Phil Jant

Wow! Seems like this guy is still holding on to that traditional ''White man inferior complex, "Sir listen to me Listen closely, you better hope the playing field is not leveled in America, cuz yur time and many millions of White American ''Weak men are done. Are you for real, We (Black Men) are Superior Physically you know it, and all the sports Analyst know it. So i suggest you take a back seat enjoy the Ride, and watch yur Women enjoy Black men, cuz that's what they have always craved, Probably yur grandmother. So so long to that Bush era, and Texas, can go to you know where. It's Time for a Change, Did you get the memo Partner.

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