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yeah that's a pretty worthless article...i don't expect this comment to get posted so i'll go ahead and say i'm disappointed in the coverage of this team....you are not a WRITER, you are a REPORTER....i don't care about your opinion i want to know about the players and the team, do your job

Ghost of Sparta

It's a good thing that this little article is posted on the net and not in my newspaper.If it was the only good thing it could be used for is to wipe my behind after I take a Sorenson.


You seem to know a great deal about Aggie Football...NOT. Go and take a look at the Thanksgiving Day game in 2007 against Texas. Goodson's best game wearing the Maroon jersey.


Speaking of worn out... Tom Sorenson. So Goodson makes a throat slash and you want to start talking shit about Texas A&M. If you knew what you were talking about then you would know scoring isn't the trouble for the Aggies, the defense is. I know this isn't an A&M forum or anything, but you could fact check since this is your job. Also, A&M has beaten Texas the last 2 out of 3. If the Observer is making anymore cuts, I hope for your sake you quit writing garbage articles. Oh and you look like a greasy-ass Rick Pitino.


shut up, rjk. Sorenson is a COLUMNIST, not a reporter, you moron. He is paid to express his random opinions. don't read his columns if you want hardcore, x's and o's info.

His point is valid, also. The throat slash is as tired as the crotch chop Fred Lane did in NY before he was later permanently chopped himself

I got Deangelo at #7

Fined $10,000? That's the stupidest thing I have ever heard. He just waved his hand in front of his neck in a cut it out or quieting the crowd gesture. Lame or not who cares? It was not offensive and I doubt any of the Ginats' feelings were hurt.

Also, for those who could not see the game how about a quick game recap and mild analysis?


So I guess you'd fine anyone for spiking the football in the endzone, huh, douche?


Hey rjk...

1. It's not an "article", it's a post to a blog.

2. Sorensen is not a reporter, he is a "columnist". Random opinion pieces(generally related to sports) IS his job, and he does it quite well.

3. If you are "disappointed in the coverage of this team", take it up with the sports editor or the reporters assigned to the Panthers (Charles Chandler, David Scott, or Stan Olson)

4. The fact that you don't know the difference says more about you than your comments about the Observer staff.


Why would you fine him at all? So what if others have done it, it doesnt hurt anyone. I dont see any point in this article other than moronic rambling. Do us a favor and get some information to report rather than an idiotic comment about what you want to see happen after a touchdown. The readers comments are more entertaining than your nonsense.


Tom needs to stop talking...period....


Goodson it's not about you hand the ball to the ref and play ball!
Good comment Tom!


And of course you miss the most important one -- the violent connotation of the gesture, and the correlation to gang activity. THAT is why this particular gesture has been banned. Not originality...sheesh...

John Donaldson

I love this article. I like Goodson but after one pre-season game I'm tired of his antics. He fumbled twice then gets a good run so does the throat slash. Grow up!!!


David-football is a VIOLENT sport, so you can't get mad at someone for making a violent gesture. Doesn't spiking the football have a violent connotation? How about a hi-five=they're hitting each other's hands! Oh no! All in all goodson being fined is stupid, the guy scored his first touchdown in a close game. Pretty much every "original" thing in the world has probably been used to a certain extent so don't get upset about old ones being used.


Who cares about any of this. The Panthers all stink and are not worthy of anyones time. Jake needs to be gone as well as Fox!


Dan brought up a good point about spiking the ball. These days, you can't spike the ball in front of or towards any opponent. OK...but, if you subtly "slash the throat" amongst your own teammates while jogging back to the sideline (which is exactly what Goodson did), a fine is in order?

Isn't spiking the most worn out celebration gesture in the history of football? Is slashing the throat (with no opponent around) and immediately handing the ball to the ref more offensive than (for example) jumping as high as you can, spiking the ball between your legs while screaming at the top of your lungs, and forcing the ref to "go fetch" the ball after it takes an awkward bounce or two?

I'm not trying to condone or condemn either gesture. It just seems unfair that the touchdown spike is widely accepted as just "part of the game," but more current forms of celebration are met with heavy fines and sharp criticism. I agree 100% about not allowing a scorer to celebrate excessively, or do so right in the face of an opposing player. Other than that? Let the players *PLAY* and have fun!

If Goodell et. al is so against these celebrations, instruct all NFL cameramen to simply cut away from the endzone as soon as a touchdown is scored. 'Cause all that outward display of genuine emotion and passion for football can't have any kind of bearing on the ratings, right?


We're lucky to have you Tom. Candor is always appreciated among true fans. Keep up the good work!


Josh - did I say I was mad at Goodson because of the gesture? No. I said the reason it is banned and you get fined for it is because of the connotation (cutting open someone's throat). Not originality or any other rubbish posted on this site.

Is spiking a football on the same level as slashing a throat? Hi fives? Are you really asking that? Come on...


I think its absurd to fine any of them for any kind of celebrating. The players are excited when they score, especially a rookie in his first game in the nfl.I think they get in a zone and worrying about a fine is just disrupting their game. And for the record, how many gangs do you see making that gesture? I think gangs take it up with guns now days not a hand gesture. Really the throat slashing is with the thumb across the neck not a flat hand.


I like the old days.I grew up in the Paul Brown generation. "Act like you have been in the end zone before." That is what you are paid to do.I admire the players that give the ball to the ref after the play is over. We need more class acts in sports and less egomaniacs who act like they have just won the Super Bowl after their 5yd. touchdown run trailing by 30 in the fourth quarter.What do Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Eli Manning all have in common? When the team scores, they run to the sideline and get ready for the next series.They don't act shocked and surprised they have just scored. They have been there before. They expect to score.My favorite bonehead celebration is when Gus Ferrotte slammed his head into the padded stands and gave himself a concussion after a non-descript touchdown he scored.He should have been fined for stupidity.



jake the snake

Uh that wasnt a celebration. Just a gesture to let people know its nothing to him, after scoring a TD

But thats your opinion. I dont think the NFL should fine anyone unless its totally inappropriate




one time when i scored i got a boner

Don Buckalew

Charlotte Observer = Joke

Must be nice to be a comedian and get paid as a reporter.

Worthless article.

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