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this has been on the site for over 2 weeks now. Can this worthless story please be taken down and replaced with something informative?


why is this article still up from 3 weeks ago...seriously


also funny getting an originality lesson from a newspaper columnist..


The man's entitled to his opinion. And Mr. Sorensen is a good writer -- clever and interesting.
What's more, he has a good point.
Some of you who get so nasty and personal need to grow up and act like responsible human beings.


After reading your opinion, my opinion is that you should be fined $10,000 for being ignorant. One must not have much to live for to not understand the concept of celebration. Should people be fined for having cake at their kids birthday party? Cause, you know, that's not very original. Lets instead play pinata with a live skunk.


What is it...you say...you do here?


How long is this worthless article going to be on the page? If you need filler, go sell another ad.

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