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Im pretty sure i saw a third person climb up.. couldn't tell who it was...

Also, my friend who used to work for the panthers.. said that every player gets a shoe deal.. and they get new shoes every day.(what's munnerlyn talking about)


Doesn't mean they have to wear them :-) I'd hate to wear brand new shoes every day, especially cleats. Gotta break those bad boys in.


got a question. With Kemo on the IR, does he get counted against the salary cap, or is it ghost money?


1) Just because you say that this is not "hazing" doesn't mean that it is not. It absolutely is. I don't think there's a thing wrong with it, either. I also don't think there's anything wrong with kids at VMI or The Citadel doing hundreds of push-ups or getting screamed at, nor do I think there's anything wrong with kids at Carolina and elsewhere in fraternities performing menial tasks or drinking tabasco sauce. But you are absolutely incorrect to say that this behavior doesn't fit the definition of hazing. Don't talk out of both sides of your mouth.

2) If, when I was playing ball in college, my school would have had the money to let us wear brand new cleats every game, I'd have done it in a second. Particularly for people who play a position that involves pushing and pulling, new shows perform much better. Once they are broken in they don't offer the same support you need.


Technically, this would constitute "hazing" at most universities. Anything that sets the pledge apart, blah blah blah....I wouldn't necessarily call it dumb, either. Some forms of "hazing" can, in fact, be constructive....


Agreed with BA. Just because the shenanigans are very lighthearted, playful, and safe, it doesn't mean it's not hazing. Also, as long as fraternities, sororities, and older siblings exist, so will hazing.

Silly Rabbit

Just for the record, the NFL owns Reebok. They've taken over the marketing of team appearal pretty well for the league, and even offer unis for a good many NHL clubs. Take a peak around next time you watch a game to see how many players have on Reeboks.

Having said that, it's not anything new for players to be provided shoes in the NFL. They get pads and helments, too. Cap'n, like a lot of people, may have a certain pair of shoes that are 'just right' for him. Those are certainly 'game shoes', not in the sense of being the one's provided, but more so in that when he laces them up he knows it's 'game time'.


Are you sure that all rookies get the shoes or are they provided after the 53 man roster?

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