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Peppers has given his all 4 Carolina and always has at that so I think we should hush and Observe, his work ethic shall speak 4 itself


If I were Jake da Fake I would worry because we lost due to his Poor decision making like always. The Panther org. are fools 4 giving him yet again another chance!


CDGATES - Let it go, Dude.. Jake had a bad game, but had a good year.. Our defense let us down in the playoff game, also..This is a brand NEW YEAR, Enjoy the Ride...or get OFF the BandWagon..!!!!


I'm just thankful we have a PRO Team in the Carolinas.


Man, some people don't know football. Peppers is great. If you want out, go! Jake is good. Everyone screamed the entire time that the game was all Jakes fault. My question to Foxey and the crew is why did we abandon the run so fast. Its not like we were down 50 to 0. Carolina is a run first team and we tried to play Cardinal football. All the weight is not with Jake. Not to mention, the cards played on heck of a game.

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