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No my friend the only great fighter Tyson ever beat was himself, He could've been one of the greatest to lace up a pair but he kept the wrong people around him after Cuss died not to mention fame went to his head. I'm from Boston where the sport still has a strong fan base. I still follow it though I'm in Charlotte. Nor Evander,Luis,or Bowe could've took him in his prime, no my friend not with Cuss still in his corner or even Teddy Atlas there he would've crushed them


Oh and by the way even though I'm not a huge fan of this guy ( I hate a mouthy fighter) Mayweather will have his way with Marquez.It just might be an early night him. Something else for him to boast about


Well, Tom, though not a fanatic, I am clearly a boxing fan..but focus on the middleweights down. To me, those lower weights are full of good fighters and fights. In my mind, the heavier weights are in shambles and have been since Tyson. I would not put money on him, but I like Arreola(sp?) and would not discount his power and bullish style. And dont discount Marquez either. Mayweather WAS the better fighter, by far........but Marquez is a warrior. I expect 2 good fights next week.

Good luck in your professional and personal life.

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