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Marshall Crouch

Tom, Is there any possibility since Peppers makes very few tackles, that he could be used as a linebacker or defensive back due to his height & speed?
Marshall in Mooresville


What about the Honda/goverment issue?

What about the flying Gov. Sleazly around for tax breaks on jet fuel for his fleet?

What about getting a tax break on his personnel warehouse/car collection last month from local goverment? You pay property taxes on your car like me? He get's a break 'caues he's rich.

Narrated by Tom Cruise? I think I'll go throw up now.


If only everyone knew Rick Hendrick like I do. His family is great, but he's a sleazy POS who harassed me and my family. I'd spit on him given half an opportunity.


Here's the Rick Hendrick I know, a sleazy POS cheater.


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