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Good article. I think we will make the playoffs. We are deeper and more experienced and well coached. Chandler fits better than Okafor and I love Flip Murray with this team. Derrick Brown will surprise also.

I am one of those diehard Panthers fans who is ready for the Bobcats season. haha



At the rate the Panthers are playing you may in fact have a lot more people tuning into the Bobcats... I really like this year's lineup and agree that they finally have something here that they haven't had in the past few years, continuity... Looking forward to the home opener against the Knicks. Go Cats!


When did the Bobcats sign Flip Murray?


I can't wait for the season to start. I'll definately be at more games this season.

Julius Peppers

The NBA season! FINALLY, something to do on Sundays.

Sean May

Oh my GOD, there are so many White Castles in California! No matter where I go, there I am!



I sure would love to see a professional sports team in Charlotte win a game or two. Hopefully I'll see a few victories before the NBA regular season starts.


the only good thing michael ever did was help out his cracked out brother Larry...this family is shady...lets find a classy guy like JOE DUMARS to run the show...


go cats!


wow Scott, that's a low blow to the Jordan family...but are you serious about Joe Dumars. The same Joe Dumars who took Darko Milliac #2 in the draft and left Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade on the board. The same Joe Dumars who traded Chauncey Billups for Allen Iverson. You are depriving yourself of a good experience by being so negative...cracked out brother Larry; ignorance is learned, get some new friends.


I think that Jordan gets to much criticism for drafting K. Brown at #1 when with the Wizards, every draft scouts rated him first and every GM would have most likely selected him first.

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