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wow! thanks for the preview! nothing like a preview of a preview! this a real story! i can't wait!


come on! what are you waiting for?!?! how can you preview an article, then post your preview like it's an actual article, then make us wait so long for the actual article?!? IM DYING HERE PLEASE POST YOUR PICKS!!!!!!!! AAAA!!!!! THE AGONY!!!!

Raleigh Pantherfan

I would hate to bring you down, but no one cares about your picks. I certainly don't.


At least your retarded touchdown celebration article is gone.....


You need to correct your season totals. According to your Sunday picks on 9-13-09 you listed 15 games and you missed on 5 of them, therefore your total was 10-5 not 12-4, 2nd week was correct with 8-8. Todays paper stated that your season total was 20-12 and according to my calculations your season total should be 18-13. Do not care about your locks or upsets just your season totals being correct.

ed cottingham

always enjoy your columns but dont get the "array of mistates" by Brett Farve in this weeks preditions - he threw one pick in the first half - maybe you thought the blocked field goal returned for td was Farve's fault. The dropped pass on 3rd down by Percy Harvin that would have given the Vikings a first in the fourth quarter was not the quarterback's mistake. How about the fourth quarter drive when San Fran went from their own 20 to inside the Viking 10 on three passes got backed up to the 20 on penalties and made one more pass to the end zone to take the lead - was that the "array of mistakes" by Farve?

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