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yea rite

Yea maybe in distant future years the UNCC 49ers sports program will get into the bigtime and be allowed into the ACC once the football gets up to snuff.


The only teams the ACC will want are the same teams that the bowl game here wants to have: UNC, NC State, VA Tech, UVa and Clemson. They are the only schools where the fans can be replied upon to travel. When a team like Miami, GA Tech or Boston College plays, there will be a lot of unsold tickets.


There are all ready a lot to "want a be's" ahead of UNC Charlotte such as East Carolina. or Appalachian, so that will never happen.


JnF, the ACC will not be interested in who is first in line or has the longer standing football tradition. If UNC Charlotte ramps up in the next few years, it will be a question of who will bring the larger TV market. That is Charlotte. Case closed.


WVU should be in the ACC. Those guys travel like no other school in America and have a strong tradition of football and basketball. I guarantee they would fill up BOA stadium.


100% agreed sam. WVU has always traveled well. True football fans. They wouldn't be a bad fit in the SEC.

The ACC Basic Requirement

West Virginia is clearly disqualified since last we checked they were not on the Atlantic.

Being on the Atlantic coastline is the biggest mandatory #1 geographical requirement and WV fails to qualify as does Mn Il Tn Ky Oh Ok Ne Ca etc etc ...

Your right coast state must reside directly adjacent fused and conjoined with a large body of salt water or you can forget it ...

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