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Ouch...I think you get 15 yards for piling on! lol


I'm with you Tom. OUR Steve Smith would have considerable value on the open market. It is the one area I believe this team can get by without. Getting by is about all we are worth in the near future anyway with Delhomme at the helm. Even if we are able to draft a rookie QB next year, we are still several years away. Trade Smith now while he has value. Unlike fantasy, there are lots of team that would bite on that trade. He deserves it. It will help him as far as his legacy. If he stays here, he'll be forgotten. New England has been doing it for years, cut a guy loose a few years early rather than late.

brian williams

i knew this would come eventually with steve smith...the owners gave Delhomme a contract for 5 years b/c they knew the situation would be easier instead of recruiting and soon after announced resignation. Fox and Delhomme should be gone and they both try to say the right things when questioned, but talk has gotten old it is time to shake up the organization (bill cowher). Delhomme always rationalize his inability to combat the speed of the game and its defensive schemes. Yeah he had a lucky year if im not mistaking in 05 and then he stunk it up against Az..it was time for him to go at that time. its a shame the organization wasted (salary cap) 5 years on this dud...i mean even great QB's have to scramble sometimes to by xtra time when a play is negated by the defense it is not always goin to be drop back 1000 1, 1000 2, etc. sometimes you need a QB to make plays to build momentum and confidence and Jake is lacking!


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