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Josh Auten

Buffalo has been gift wrapped two TD's by Joke Delhomme and the officials does Buffalo have any penalties besides the one false start?


Man. I am glad I don't have this game here. I would have trashed the TV.....still the Panthers will rebuild over the next 2 years or so.Mr. Richardson will get this fixed.


No one has even mention... the down falls of our Offensive Coordinator. This coach either has no idea just how good our running backs are? Or he could be protecting them from injury. Either way, one and only one time, out of the past 7 seven game; has he constantly pounded the ball. They did this last week and it finally worked but not until the end of the game. Pound the ball! Pound the ball! Pound the ball! We are not a west coast, we are not passing threat, we are not anything but a single dimension team right now!!!! If we were humble and accepted this truth; we could maybe start winning more games.... Panther coaches, look in the mirror and accept the truth and then start running the ball.

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