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sports we should do away with: nascar, wnba, and professional wrestling.

R Barnes

Too many Frances on the first HOF, Pearson and Petty battled all the time and made the sport.

Mark Lowrance

Four of the five I agree with 100%. France Jr., is deserving but not in class one. If Brian & Lisa France want to impress the fans, they could graciously accept the nomination for their grandfather, and postpone the appointment of their father until another class is nominated. Take the next candidate by Votes, isn't it D.P. with 105 wins. Why did they make public the next three vote receivers anyway. Most lifelong race fans are probably 50-70 years old. We remember the Sunday afternoons by the radio when it was Car43 & 17 or 21 and 12, 11 putting on the show, then in 1979 the Car #2,15 then 3 come along with the 17 and the 88. Hey you race fans from back in the day know exactly who my numbers are... Put Pearson, Allison, & Yarborough in class one. After all in the 60's and 70's, these drivers were stock car racing. The HOF needs to make sure the History is not forgotten. The drivers and track owners of the early days are the ones that took chances. Put those folks in the HOF first, while most are still living to enjoy it with their families. Next year's induction ceremony will have the Petty's, the Earnhardt's, the Johnson's and then Brian France accepting for his grandfather & father. The Pearson's should be there and the Allison's, etc. Their families have sure sacrificed enough through the years to enjoy the careers of the namesakes of each. Fans want to come to the HOF to see drivers first, then probably drivers turned owners, crew members, owners, then administrators.


Junior Johnson vs. David Pearson is the only debate. Bill Sr. and Bill Jr., duh, it's their show. The "King" and The "Intimidator" were simply no brainers.

From my standpoint it boils down to the fact that Junior Johnson was a fulltime employee (contractor) for NASCAR until the early nineties and David Pearson, albeit the number 2 driver in terms of wins, only showed up to take the prize money home. In short, he didn't pay enough dues.

Don't fret, the "Silver Fox" will be inducted in the next class.


I would have perfered to see Humpy in this class more then France Jr. Humpy was the showman


The NASCAR HOF is a JOKE!!! The France family as a whole should have been inducted on ONE ballot because they started it and maintained it still to this day.

But leaving David Pearson out of the inaugural
class of the HOF is just not right.

If we are going for numbers? Wins? Championships? Years driven? etc? Then as DW put it yesterday, in the preview show, many of NASCAR's participants will not make it!

Yippee....another stick and ball type HOF that only looks at numbers. Well, let's look at numbers.....since many others came before this inaugural class, the early forerunners and pioneers of NASCAR should have their day in the HOF before Petty, Earnhardt or Johnson.

Why was Red Byron treated like dirt yesterday? He won the first NASCAR race and Championship! Yet a "Newbie" like Dale Earnhardt gets in? WTH!

I went to NASCAR races long long before there was a Dale Earnhardt!

What's it going to take NASCAR to get into the HOF? Numbers? Like stick and ball sports? Or the sports legacy and those who set records and standards from the beginning of NASCAR? Yes, their were numbers, records and standards set by drivers, etc, before Petty, Johnson or Earnhardt the newbie.

Red Byrons records are just as important as Petty's. But if you listen to DW, Red won't make it in?

Sadly, Red did not have the media nor newbie fans that have brains that only remember two words........Dale Earnhardt.

Thanks but no thanks NASCAR, If David Pearson does get into the HOF, I still will not attend because of the mockery you made of this inaugural HOF class.

As a fan of David Pearson and the Wood Brothers since 1971 up to this day and forward. I am voicing my opinion for Pearson and those "before" him.


The Old Time fans were robbed. Many, and I mean many, Sunday afternoons were comprised of washing whatever Ford I had at the time while listening on the AM station. Most of the time Petty was chasing Pearson. I'll never forget the 1976 Daytona 500 when David "outfoxed" Petty. Earnhardt perhaps was the Best ever, but he definitely should not have been in the first Class. The first class should have been for the early Super Stars.


With respect to the Frances, The original HOF class is a joke without the "Silver Fox".

Observer of Ignorants

The ones on here that are complaining about NASCAR this and NASCAR that must not be fans of NASCAR If you are not a fan why bitch. It just proves your ignorance of the sport.

But what else could be expected of you.


Do ya think putting both of the France's in in the first class is a way for the city of Charlotte to say thank you to the France's for deciding to put the Hall in Charlotte and not in Daytona? Just sayin'


Nothing works like nepotism. Also the kissass media that surrounds NASCAR will always play up to the Frances. Someone like Pearson never really stood a chance!


Bob......The way this Hof class wEnt, we may Not have to wait very long before another "convicteD felon" gets in. Rest assure hIs name will Count for something and not be overlooKed!

Observer of Ignorants

Left out the I as in you dumb Idiot!!!!!!!!!!!

David Reagan

Popularity contest, nothing else.


Are they really going to open this HOF next May containing exhibits about only 3 actual participants in the sport? That's ludicrous.

ricky bobby

France did nothing for racing except to exploit it for his own gain. I guess in modern America thats a reason to congratulate yourself.

Oh and Earnhardt and not Pearson? Stupid.


Earnhardt was great and there is no question that he helped make the sport what it is today. However, David Pearson's record is far superior when one considers that he only ran the full season three times, and all three times he won the championship. The saddest thing is that Teresa Earnhardt is going to milk this for every dollar she can.

Debbie Bowles

I agree 100% 1 France is enough,honor the drivers. They risked their lives for the sport.Also i think it would have been better to put a few more in the nascar hall of fame in the first year than only 5.One other thing it was on the news about the living inductees to attend a planing meeting for the hall and Theresa Earnhardt was invited to attend.They schould have invited his children who have more to do with racing than Theresa Earnhardt.

charles yount

call it a hall of shame after the first election,we need the names and email addresses of all the people who voted for the frances


Not to have Pearson belittles all that NASCAR stands for. It is a sham to include administrative personnel as if they were the ones us fans came out to see. Bad start. Now they have no integrity nor any believable honor as a shrine where fans can come to pay homage to their heroes. Believe me, no one ever paid the ticket price to see a France family member. Thing is, when you start out with a farce like this, you will never get back the integrity that is needed to make the Hall a success. You cannot tell me that all those people involved left out David Pearson and opted for another France. I want to see the vote stubs. I want to re-poll all the selectors and see who they voted for and then recount the votes.

w. l. hunt

maybe this one should be the france hall of fame.bill sr. should be in , but bill jr. several years down the road. there were others more important to the sport. this is america not iraq how do they get by with this crap.


PZ3lb... Yes! Then pick three drivers from North Carolina.




, the last 10 races of the year have lost all meaning to me. You come out of Richmond in fall with a dverir that has done really well all year (and it has been Jimmie Johnson before). But some years, out of 5th or 6th place, here comes Jimmie Johnson who overtakes all the leaders accomplishments of 26 races and runs them over in 10. It's like watching the Yankees in the late 90 s beat everyone in the world series, over and over again. NASCAR needs to make it competitive again so there are actually chances of someone else winning the chase for a change

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