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Bye Bye Peppers

Know what Tom, it should be over for Fox and his ENTIRE coaching staff as well. Until Richardson fires Fox and company, including Dumb A$$ Delhomme, this team will NEVER succeed

Bye Bye Peppers

Dumb A$$ Delhomme with yet another 3 interceptions. What an idiot, Richardson could care less though because he gets his PSL money no matter what


Blow it up and start over.


only brightspot was the defense and baker. yet, fox will announce jake is the starting QB not only next week, but for the next 3 years.


Would you want to play Defense on the Panthers with 12 players on offense (see Jake for those of you in Gastonia)


I can't believe what I just witnessed. That was by far the worst game I have ever watched. The defense did everything in its power to help and win a game but damnit if the passing game didn't let us down once again. It is so time for Jake to go.


Hey Kitties, here is an early Halloween cheer: BOOOOOOOOOOO!!


I have been a long time supporter of Jake in both the good and bad times. This game was the end for that. Jake was once a decent quarterback, and I will defend that, but those days are over, and tenacity can only get you so far. PLEASE Fox, let Moore have a shot....what damage could it possibly do now??


Why can't we try a backup QB. We lost to one today.


The Panthers are well on their way to yet another losing season and when that happens it will simply mean that in 8 seasons Fox has only managed 3 winning records. 3 winning seasons in 8 years should be unacceptable. For this reason Fox should be fired. The only hope for Fox is to bench Jake and pray that Matt Moore can save season, but it appears that Fox is determined to stay with Jake no matter how many interceptions he throws this season. It's really sad that Fox is so short sighted. The defense finally looks like a defense but it simply makes no difference when the offense constantly turns over the ball.


I agree totally, Nicky. BLOW IT UP AND START OVER!!!! Start with Hurney, then Fox, then on down the line. What a joke.


i need to know why delhomme passed 44 times!!!! are you serious. I could not believe what i was seeing. They coach like they have drew brees back there, nope sorry you have a QB with 5% of what he is. I dont buy the whole " they had to pass to get back into the game". Once again there was time. They just make 0 sense. Im sooooo happy i didnt buy nfl sunday ticket this year and just watch the games on sopcast for free. Not wasting any more of my money to waste my time.

Rick s

Obviously, Jake is the illegitimate son of Richardsons second sister removed!! Why else would he still be on the team!!


Offense is as much fun to watch as haveing a root canal. Pitiful..


I'm a Bills fan, and I feel for you, because the Bills are awful. They may be 3-4, but anyone following their games knows that even when they win, they are awful. No offense, no defense.

The Bills are 2-1 in their last 3 games, but these may be the 3 worst played consecutive games in NFL history. First, they lose to Cleveland with almost no offense. Then they beat the Jets with less than 300 net yards (with a full period of OT)to Jets 414. Then today's embarrasment -- 167 yards to 425.

Bills may have won, but you're a better team.


Jake Delhomme should donate his entire salary to the fans of the panthers remaining. I am from Charlotte and was always a Steelers fan until we got the NFL franchise....I am going back to the Steelers and everything from the panthers items that i have collected just went in the trash. I will begin buying items again when Fox and his staff are gone, or when Jake realizes he sucks and leaves the game, for good! My 5 year old could find Steve Smith more than he does...


Last year Jake was camoed by a terrific run game.Today once the bills loaded the box to slow down our run game.It was over.All the teams in the NFL have the recipe to beating us.Stop the run game and set back and wait for Jake to show his true colors.Steve and Moose are older and not able to bail Jake out the way they use to.It is time for change.Our GAME MANAGER is not managing the game he is costing us the game.


Ive supported Jake through thick and thin. Panthers are in a rebuilding mode now, and it needs to start from the top down. Coach then team.


Keep Double Trouble, Thomas Davis, Smith, Moose and Beason. Everybody else, including coaches, trainers, coordinators, water boys, towel boys, groundskeeper, etc. has to go!


I was listen on the radio and it might have been Mick Mixon who said, "there on no 'good' losses, only losses."

Well, that's not true. This was a good loss. If the Panthers lost the next ten games, those would be good as well.

Why? Because without these losses, we will NEVER get Fox and Co. OUT of Carolina, which is exactly what was needed -- LAST YEAR!


Jake, Jake, Jake. Last week you said you haven't lost your confidence. What will you say next week? The Panthers have just turned A Sunday Panthers games into "I've got something better to do." When the fans are scared everytime (yes, everytime) Jake goes back to pass, then it's time for him to go. What a joke. Seriously, it's comical!!! I just chuckle when I watch them play. It's almost like Jake is cursed. Let's come up with a potion to lift this curse. Somebody Please!!!

Ethan Hall

You know it's bad when Kasay misses two FG's.


Rick, its not family, its affair! What else could it be?

I literally gave away my tickets in club knowing it would be that kind of game, then i ended up watching it because my kids took naps, i am more pissed than ever, and that Jake Delhomme can call himself an NFL QB. Fox sucks, jake sucks, no other way to look at it. PUT IN WIENKE!


You're playing against the worst run defense in the league, so you go out and throw it 26 times in the first half and 44 for the game, with a QB who leads the league in INTs. What is our coach thinking??? Why does he have a job still???


Dear Chris: you suck. Calling for a new coach, quarterback, etc is acceptable, because we all want our team to be the best. Being a turncoat is completely disloyal though (not to mention lame) and does not set a good example as a parent.

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