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It has to be Matt Moore next week.

dee gray


Jake belongs in the UFL

Jake needs to go. Butler High's QB could do better.


when are we gonna decide that 3 int days are unacceptable for our QB! I've stood behind Delhomme, but I've had it. It's time for a change! Let's at least give Moore a shot to see if we have suitable backup. If not, we need to explore other options! This season is officially over!!!!


only a fool does the same thing every week and expects a different result. well fox is a MAJOR fool. jake sails too many balls and the other times he just isn't accurate. and can someone tell me why crossman is still the special teams coach?


Unlike Kerry Collins, who, back in the day had the balls to admit it....
Jake's heart is not in it...

Who Cares

FoHurn's decision to throw away next year's 1st round draft pick is looking worse...and worse....and worse. What idiots!!!!!

No one wanted to believe me when I predicted a major meltdown this year....I guess they do now.

Mayberry Coppertop

The stats are clear...the coach and GM have mortgaged the future to win now. they have hitched there wagon to the QB. The QB has thrown 18 interceptions in the last 7 games that count. The coach and GM have to go. The QB has to be benched. Please look up the definition for insanity...repeating decisions without making changes and expecting a different out-come. It's over!!


5-11 season I tell ya. Fox and company (including joke gohome) will cause the Carolinas a football team. Look for a move West soon.


Does anyone care? Fox has been useless for a long time. I still say Richardson's goal is to destroy the fan base, then make it the reason he wants to move or sell the team. PSL's don't matter so those that beleive it would stop them are nuts. It's about money baby, LA needs a team and England wants one. The NFL would love nothing better than to have a team in the UK, the money would be unreal. Maybe I am a conspiracy theorist, but why else would you keep a washed up team like Carolina.


they suck. they were better as an expansion team

Rob Jones

Geez; I try to support the guy but Delhomme looks like a shell of himself. There has to be something mechanical going on because he is so far off target! He was a great story but you can't continue to ride a dead horse; the smell just gets worse and worse!


The biggest fools are those who bought PSL's. For the same amount of money, I am taking several fishing vacations to the Caribbean. And what are you doing? Sitting in the cold watching a bunch of losers. LOL!


I have been a Panthers Fan since I moved from Buffalo almost 9 years ago. Both teams have positive and negative aspects. Both need a QB. Jake is no longer the QB he used to be. Age does catch up. Look what Farve did today as well. He can lead a run based offense but I agree with the comment that only God knows why we did not feature the running game throughout. Buffalo took advantage of turnovers which if you know their history, that hasn't been the norm. Fox and Jauron need to change their coaching strategies or both should go.


Bills fan in Canada here. I watched the whole game. Aside from some big plays on defense and special teams the Bills stink. TO cannot catch. No running game, no QB, no run defense....
What is with Jake? I was under the impression he was a good QB?


This is the last straw. Today I officially resign my position as Panthers fan to pursue new opportunities with the Steelers.

So, go ahead and keep playing Delhomme, Fox! I could care less!


I have said the panthers would be better with no qb than to have delhome. Now I think they would do better without coaches either. The running backs could draw the plays in the dirt, then take the snap and it would be an improvement over what we have now. Richardson needs to ga away and take this s*&&%^tty team with him. They are a disgrace to charlotte.


With Jake at QB we are in a catch 22. When he throws (interception, opponent scores) we get behind and have to throw more. Jake throws again (interception, opponent scores) leading to more Jake turnovers.


I agree with all posts about it's time for a change at QB. But to curse Jake is unfair. No Pro athelete is willing to accept his time is done. It is not in their nature. It is up to the coaches and management to ease someone who has really been a great asset to the organization,as Jake has, to move them on to a different role with this team. Curse Fox and Hurney. They make player personnel decisions. But I rember back in 2003 Jake was enough for all of us.

Bye Bye Peppers

Kim, if Rick sucks I bet you swallow. Typical Panthers Homer fan

Bye Bye Peppers


You are a loser and a typical homer fan. Chris is entitled to his opinion and who are you to insult him just because he is not a homer like you?


I defended Jake all year, ever since the Cardinals game. The last two weeks I have asked who gives the Panthers a better chance to win beside Jake? No more. Or should I say let's try some Moore.


Honestly, in rebuilding mode we need to take a hard long look at what our assets are and what we can stand to part with Assets- Beason, Davis, Smith, Peppers (now that he decided to play), Otah, Gross, Williams, Stewart. We have no first round pick. I would trade Williams for a first and second and Smith for a second (hard choice). Williams is the only player on the team that would merit a high first round choice if traded. If we are to draft a QB, I wouldn't expect him to be able to confidently make the switch from college to the pro game for at least 2-3 years). Smith would be 2-3 years older. I would draft at QB with first round pick (or parlay the extra second to move up and draft a QB). I would draft a CB with our second round pick and I would draft a WR with the remaining second round pick. I would not resign Peppers (NO ONE IS WORTH $20mil a year- except Peyton). I would spend for upgrades a DT and DE (unless Brown and Johnson are adequate). I would hope that Jake retires which should remove the remaining guaranteed money from his contract from out salary cap.
If Fox is fired this weekend (please) I would contact Cowher and throw money at him. If Richardson waits until the season is over I would contact Rivera and hope he gets no better offers.
Hurney should be fired immediately. The past few drafts have been abysmal (obviously easier to grade in hindsight). He missed on Sherrod Martin (needed a DT- Marksl, or even Smith- CB), Godfrey (why draft a CB to turn into a safety when there were better safety prospects available?- Zibikowski/Decloud), the Jarret project (imagine having Steve Smith x2 as WR, L Woodly available.
Am I picking and choosing, yes I am. As did Hurney and the "War room". Poorly.
Time to clean house.....


One dimensional teams don't win in the NFL! Teams have been daring the Panthers to throw the ball and it has worked. Now we have nothing to look forward to the rest of the season or next year either.


Jake has to go. I love him as a person and his passion but his game is over. Jake has single-handily cost us each game and the defense tries, but Jake has cost us time and time again. Fox has horrible play calling abilities as well. We have too many talented people to be so bad. We didn't run enough and Jake is good for three turnovers himself. Watch Fox defend him and not put in Moore. Let Moore play even if he is bad, all we need is a quarterback. Look at the defense.

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