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Tom, the underachieving White Sox have always been my favorite team, but i've always admired the "piranahs" as Ozzie calls them. i always want to beat them, but i like the way they play.

Good luck over Detroit.


Go Twins and go White Sox!


Yeah, I was the same way with the Braves until a couple of days ago.

Know It All

It was too bad Puckett passed since he was one of the best unless you go back to the great 1st baseman Killibrew SS Oliva or CF Allison post Senator days although Winfield and Carew were not too shabby.

The Twins and Viks playing in that sardine can was a joke but we hear they are opening a new stadium. Theyll be lucky as hell to make it to the Series this yr but next yr would be better in the new one. Hopefully it has a retractable roof.

Jay Efird

Thanks for the article, Tom. From a lifelong Twins-Vikings fan who was born and raised in NC and still here, I'm pulling for them. Hey, down to 1 game now, but playing KC w/Greinke on hill is definitely a hurdle. In '87, we were 85-77 when the season ended and beat St. Louis then, and had to knock off the Tigers to get there. This year not much different, so yeah, go White Sox and bring on the Cards in the WS. We've been killing the NL in interleague play over the last several years, so doesn't matter who we play.

Glenn Carlson

Twins Did It! a one game playoff Tuesday Go TWINS! Another big game in the dome tonight. Vikings And the Packers should be one of the biggest Monday night games. GO VIKES. AN OLD BUDDY FROM 44th and Xerxes.

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