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You forgot to mention that Rush said, "That McNabb got credit for what he had done because he was a "BLACK" quarterback. If he were "WHITE" he would not have gotten so much attention.
Not to mention that he also said that an NFL game looks like the Bloods and Crips, without weapons.
On the political front, he introduced his listeners to "Barack the Magic Negro". WOW
I firmly believe that you can be controversial without bringing race into the picture. Unfortunately, he can't.


Negroid is not a dirty word no more than caucasoid or mongoloid if you know the anthropological classifications of the 3 basic earth races. Negro simply means black. The french and spanish word for black is negro. In this pc age it defies logic why a normal word like negro would be offensive to blacks.

The problem is not Limbaugh. He is a closet huckster entertainer anyway. The problem is the ignorance of the liberal bigots who are clueless and besides money is green. He like many others talks about the lack of white or caucasoid football starters in the NFL and this is a valid point. Whites invented all these sports games anyway and businesses. Affirmative action is needed in sports. QB and kicker is about the only remaining position left for whites. If Limbaugh wants to own a team this who the fuck can stand in his way? Certainly not some jackoffs ignorantly calling someone else a racist. The smeller is always the feller. Check the mirror.


Boy, talk about hate! "...the only remaining positions left for whites." What about the best player getting the job? White or Black. Has nothing to do with Affirmitive Action. By the grammar and spelling of your post, education wasn't a priority, was it? I could be wrond, but in most cases of racism and hatred, the uneducated are the ones with the problems. Both, White and Black! P.S. Negro went out in the late 60's, early 70's. But, I can imagine, your Pawpaw didn't let you read that memo.


Talk about education bad spelling sentence contruction vocabulary? What is "wrond"? What is a "pawpaw"? What an uneducated bigoted moron. If affirmative action is good for the goose then its good for the gander. When racist idiots like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who routinely shakedown banks and big corps for billions can stop someone from owing an NFL team there is a problem. Its called liberal bigotry uneducated ignorance.


Sorry for the misspelled word, that was a finger slip. JJ an AS Are exercising their 1st Amendment, same thing most Americans do everyday. Now, if it is going to effect the NFL decision makers, that's not their fault. Blame the NFL decision makers. Question...What does Rush's wanting to own an NFL team have to do with Affirmative Action? Why are people bigots if they have a difference of opinion? I don't think you are one just because we disagree. HMMMM



Try on these raunchy lib NFL owners for size and understand what real hypocrisy and hate is all about from the dark side.

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