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The Panthers need to literally clean house and begin anew. Their players are no where as good as they think they are. When they are in the media they talk as if they are the best in the NFL. If they would work at improvig instead of patting themselves on the back they might get more done. They should have let Peppers go when they had the chance. The QB is a joke.


These Twins were not even close to those of the early 90s or even late 80s and that was the right call.
The jaded Yanks may be a bunch of spoiled rotten arrogant cocky heady bastards as usual but were superior head and shoulders in talent. Not even close. It was David vs Goliath and Goliath won as he would 99% of the time although its hard to believe he got whipped way back and sounds like some media fable.

As far as the Panthers these spoiled pampered millionaire babies need to get their fucking heads out of their azz or be benched and its not JDs fault. Fox is doing nothing different. Just a bunch of overpaid egomaniacs acting like big stars who lucked one.

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