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John Fox is letting a quarterback play that NONE of us believe in. So why not let someone else try? How much worse can he be??


Jake is NOT the answer. His arm is not strong enough to throw the long ball. John Fox is getting out coached most of the time. The organization is losing their fan base and have to make some hard decisions in the off season. I can't believe these guys can collect a paycheck with good a conscious. If we did our job at this level, we would be fired!


The backup quarterback for the jets that played one series was 0-1 for no yards, no pics and no INTs. He had a rating of 36. Jake played the whole game and had a rating of 12.4 That is comical. Having someone NOT play quarterback is three times better than having Jake play !!!


There is nothing of value in the Panther organization for the football fan.

Go Steelers!


I too have supported Jake throughout. There comes a time to let go. Now is the time. The season is done. Change the QB


Actually, Jake went 8 for 8, but not all to the correct team. Maybe that's how Fox can justify keeping him in?


Jake has progressed to throwing nothing but jump balls, hoping for a completion. Congrats. Jake you managed three jumpers in a row and we caught two of them before the third was picked.

His throws look lousy for a jr. high kid with a good arm.


Phil, you're idiot! With a good QB and better coaching this team would be very good. They have plenty of talent so until you get a clue, stay off our paper's site!


Shelley, will you marry me!


Jake you suck... and last but not least im currently watching the bears and vikings game and Farve is 50yrs old and making throws Jake only wish he can make! Jake you suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkK!


Fact is, Richardson doesn't care enough about his fan base to replace the QB and coach, so you're still dreaming. Thanks for the laugh, Mike. And you call me an idiot? LOL


Why was Jake still out there after the half? Is Matt Moore that bad? Really??


Jake is the answer!! and I guarantee he will be in there again next week!!! Jake, Jake, Jake, Jake!!!!


Our Season is for the most part over. Admit it. Face it.

Now...spend the rest of the Season with your other QBs and see if you currently have anything worth considering for next Season. If not, get rid of all (3) and get some QBs on the roster that you actually have some confidence in. It amazes me that you pay the bucks for (3) QBs and have no confidence to use any of your backups.

What the hell are they even on the team for? I'll come down there and pay QB on the Practice Team and won't charge you nearly as much money.


This is exactly what we Panther fans needed today. Jake went 4 games without a turnover, and Cutler passed him in INTS. Jake was doing enough to fly under the radar again like he does every year. Then another 4 INT day against a horrible team reaffirms that someone at 400 Mint St. must do something. This is the NFL for godssake. Next weekends game will resemble the last game of the Seifert era when no one showed and forced the big cat to make a change. I think Fox and Delhomme have been givin a fair shake, and it's time to on while 34 and 28 are in their prime. IMHO. Merry Christmas all.


Same old song, 11th verse... Jake sucks, plain and simple. John Fox has to be the most under achieving coach in the NFL. If either of these guys are leading this team next year I will officially be done with the Panthers and spend my money on other things.

I say everyone should boycott next weeks home game against Tampa. Show Jerry Richardson that the fans are sick of this crap. Maybe then he will force Fox to sit Jake down, that's the only way it is going to happen. Jake should just have a little pride and sit himself down.

Roberta Leonelli

jake is done-----what is the matter with Fox????????? Can't he see that we need a new quarterback????????????????? Jake needs to retire and go back to the shrimp boat. No other team is going to want him. Poor Stuart & Williams. They run their hearts out every game, only to have Jake throw how many interceptions and throw the game away.


The Panthers are not losing thier fan base. The fact that we incessantly argue about this proves it. If we were loosing a fan base, people just wouldn't care about this and would move on to caring about the next season of CSI or whatever. The emotions that fuel this arguement are the emotions that help build a franchise.


Ya think maybe the team is against Jake and wants him gone. Doesn't look lto me like anyone tries too hard to play football.

Time for new blood..clean Panther house and get a lot of good new blood. And please no washed up players other teams do not want especially when it comes to QB position..forget the guys who did not make it elsewhere.


I am betting Jerry Richardson sells the Panthers within two years!Probably trying to do it now on the QT.
Bobcats cannot find a buyer. Just hope Richardson can.


Let's try to get Dante Culpepper from the Detroit Lions until we can get a young QB who has the ability to throw an accurate pass.


Let's be real here... Jake's doing the best he can. He's not a quitter, and he's not going to sit himself down. It's John Fox's job to do it, and he won't because he's incompetent. He doesn't have a clue what to do. Remember, he admits to paying backups he believes can't play (he should be fired for this alone). He praised Jake when everyone else saw he was over-the-hill, and gave him a huge raise and new contract (another reason be fired). Jerry Richardson, will you wake up and do something, or are you the real problem?


Time to start Matt. Losing with him would be no worse than with Jake...but, we need to know what we have. If he's that bad, Fox/Herney (sp?) should be fired for carrying QBs that can't play. Myself, I bet he will be rusty, but will ultimately show well! MR RICHARDSON, please play the owner card (like Titan's owner did) and insist on the change!


Tommy if you hate your job then quit. I mean seriously, you get a free trip to NY to watch NFL football and crush the free buffet in the press box. WAH. Need some more cheese to go with that whine?????


Hopefully they can get Tebow. He would be the best thing that could happen to Carolina.

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