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don't have a qb they believe in???? they are too bull headed to give anyone else a try. fox is an idiot.


I've been Jake's biggest cheerleader but I have to admit - time for a change. Great guy but something is wrong with him. Don't know if it's in his head or what. Not the same QB. Hate it - but time for me to say goodbye Jake- best of luck. What are the chances of getting Tebow? Trade the whole team?!?!? Maybe not a bad idea. Fox and Hurney have GOT to GO!!!! Could not even watch the game today - knew it would be bad bad bad.


no i will not marry you john your a loser


Does Jake need glasses?


we arent getting tebow, but we DESPERATELY need a qb


Time for the fans to boycott. Let's make the statement we are done and am not taking this anymore. Don't be at the Tampa game for opening kickoff, don't turn on the tv at kickoff. Let's make the organization know the fans are tired. Maybe we should try the Saints fans idea of wearing a bag over our head. Better yet maybe Jake should, it couldn't hurt..


Later Tom will have a few adult beverages and come back to post another article saying we need to give Joke just one more chance, like he did leading up to the Arizona game. Ah yes, the Arizona game, when Joke was alleged to have "played well" due to that sophisticated tactic of not letting him throw the ball.



Richardson can't do anything now. We all know it's frustrating, but he showed loyalty to the most successful coach in the franchise's history, and he has too much class to jump in when nothing can be done in the middle of the season. If you don't like it, go root for the Redskins. Fox has a long history of a limited playbook, inability to adjust to adversity, and a loyalty to players long after their productivity wanes. I'm not entirely sure he wouldn't be starting Stephen Davis if he could.

Fox was a great coach, but it's time for a new one. We have a LOT of talent on this team, through effective drafts, just not at the qb position. Bad franchises overreact in these situations and make matters worse, and I don't think we are as bad as the Rams, Redskins, Lions, etc. but it does mean being a little more thoughtful about mid-season decisions.


gimmee99... that is the funniest thing i have heard all day. Good luck to Del-homey selling insurance. Trade Peppers, Stewart, Smith for a QB. Sell Fox and Davidson on e-bay.


Jim you moron they didnt give Delhomme a huge pay raise, they made him in the lower half of the quarterbacks in the nfl pay scale. They extended his contract to clear the salary cap this year and paid him 2 mil less this year than his old contract called for. I agree he doesnt deserve to even make what the lowest paid qb in the nfl makes, but they had to do something to free up some salary cap. Next year there will be no cap, they will pay him off & be done with it, no big deal so they dont win a season, they have the potential to take over the nfl next year with a half decent qb and the rest of the team healthy. Also they dont need a firat round pick to get a good qb, there is free agency, and half the good qbs were not first round draft picks anyway. I bet most of you people will be happy when the Panthers leave N.C. then you wont have to "suffer the embarrassment" of having an nfl team that doesnt have a winning record EVERY season.


You are right. Jakes the whole team and the easy target. Noone else plays. He is a one man show. He is the offense and defense and special teams.

Why fail to give opposing LBs and DBs credit for some great interceptions even when they bounce off a shoe? They have been perfect. If only the Panthers defense could catch passes like this. Not a single interception has been dropped by opposing defenses. Excellent record unequaled in the NFL this season.

We also know noone will blame short WRs of course. Thats unacceptable. Lets blame the QB only because thats the easy pc thing to do. Afterall a certain radio commentator cant even own a team now in the league yet mtv skuzbag ho slut females own part teams. Lets go after the easy culprits only.

Remember Kerry Collins? Chris Weinke? Jake Delhomne?


I have also tried to be a proponent of Jake, but this is it. Done and done! Just listening to the radio while on 85 I was dying. I forget the exact quote but basically it was stated that Jake was making Mark Sanchez look like Joe Montana. Awesome!



Your wrong Tom ... you dumbass. Fox does not want to admit that they screwed up by giving Jake a contract extension. Wake up!

J  Luckey

How about this for an analysis....
PSLs sold out no revenue there....
Stadium naming rights...economy driving them down...salaries going up...
Moving team to LA or Mexico City...now that's a money maker.....how to do it...No 1.. get sons out of business to protect them...No 2 keep loser on field to lose fan base...No 3 whine to NFL I'm not making any money Let me move...No 4 good bye Charlotte Hello Hollywood....the end


Tebow? Please! The Panthers don't need a rookie QB, they need an experienced one. They have a great asset to trade for one....Julius Peppers. Pep makes QB money anyway.

The Panthers don't have a first round draft choice, and even if they did, yoiu don't start rookie QBs. Trade for a starter. If Phoenix intends to stick with Kurt Warner forever, go get Matt Leinart.


"But if Fox had another quarterback he believed in, John Fox would have played that quarterback more than a month ago."

That statement is total BS and I'm tired of hearing it. Foster started over Williams, Witherspoon was traded and Morgan was kept, and Godfrey started over Martin. All Fox's decisions based on loyalty. He doesn't know how to judge what he has. Fox makes bad decisions and the local media buys into it every time. Tom Brady was a nobody until he got playing time.


Phil, no one wants to hear your steelers comments here. Go home Yankee!


I completely agree with your statement Tom about if Fox had another QB he believed in he would have played him months ago. This speaks volumes for the lack of confidence he has in Matt Moore and AJ Feeley. More and more it looks like they just have other QB bodies on the roster, and nobody they ever planned on playing. THAT speaks volumes of how Fox and Hurney work... Time for Fox, Hurney, and Delhomme to exit, stage right... and bring in fresh blood. Hopefully, this time with some FIRE in his eyes... After 15 years of Capers, Seifert, and Fox (can you say as exciting as watching grass grow?), we need a coach who is firey... someone like Cowher... who is not afraid to show some emotion.


It's amazing how these articles mention ALL that Jake did wrong, but doesn't mention the mistakes by the receivers, how many times he didn't even have time to set to throw the ball before being sacked or hit!!!

Don Barbeau

I don't think Fox would have gone to Moore, even if he thinks he is better than Jake. Thus the bigger problem then QB, and that is a MONSTER PROBLEM, is Fox! Fox is either so closed minded or Jake has something on him. No SANE Head Coach stays w/ Jake this many YEARS!! I didn't like when we got Jake, and now everyone is finally on board w/ me!!!

Homie da clown


If you think Big Cat doesn't care about the fans, you are the idiot. And obviously not a PSL owner because nothing has been reported about the email survey that went out PSL owners last week. Yeah, it asked how satisfied people are with food and bev, stadium expereince, etc. But the questions about are you satified with the product on the field, style of play and direction of the team. Those questions being asked to PSL owners should at least raise eyebrows and at most shwo you there are big changes on the horizon.

Gary LaShier

Back peddling now aren't you Tom? As I posted on your article from a month ago about giving Jake a chance, the Panthers 12-4 record from 2008 was done in spite of Delhomme not because of him. He threw up ducks last year and Smitty was lucky enough to grab them and our running game carried the Panthers. I have always suspected that Jake had NOT been the same since his Tommy John surgery. Delhomme was never a great QB, but he had gotten the job done. Not anymore. To be fair, the play calling has been atrocious! There hasn't been a quality # 2 WR in Carolina for years too. Combine all of that, Jake's confidence and the team's for that matter are shot. Play Matt Moore and see what we've got with him. The last 4 games the Panthers play are quality teams. The team should have a good gauge on what Matt Moore is about. If he doesn't work out, at least you'll be better prepared for the 2010 offseason. While I'm talking about the offseason, let's hope Julius Peppers plays well enough to trade him for a 1st rounder to grab a quality QB that the NEW coaching staff will surely pick up!

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