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They still suck. No hope. Jake needs to go to hot air balloon business. He will make more millions!


Terrible play calling by Fox. 2 long pass plays to the right on 2nd adn 3rd down. They had decent field position. Short passes along with D Williams running the ball would of at least got them in field goal range to tie and maybe even a touchdown while eating up the clock. Dreadful to rely on Delhomme's passing game over the running game with some pass and run plays mixed in.


Let's see if they do a better job in the last 2 minutes of the game with the ball. Nice, just as I'm typing Williams fumbles. Still think the team should focus on being a smash mouth running football team with the talent they have at RB. Oh, well Fourth Quarter Blues.


When are the heads gonna start rolling? Richardson needs to clean house. What a disappointing team. Absolutely no fun to watch. I hold my breath every time jake backs up to pass.

The Original Panther's Fan

Team played fantastic today. I'm happy with our players as everyone played hard. But I share in the obvious frustration that Jake and Steve have which is our coaching staff's inability to diversify our offensive attack.
New Orleans realizes that they can not simply win by throwing and we need to learn that we can not win big games by only running.
We will be fine next year once we have a new coaching staff and fire Hurney. We should keep Meeks as our defensive coordinator and clean house. Good loss for the team and thank you players for playing hard.


Team played well today defensively and offensively until 4th quarter when they passed, passed, passed. Even in the final seconds at the 2 yard line they go for 2 passes. Just trust your running game which is far better than the passing game and punch the ball in. Sure, onside kick and hail mary pass would be unlikely but show confidence in your best offensive players in Williams and Stewart. RUN THE BALL FOX! The NY Giants were successful for years doing that and you have a great running game right here in Carolina....


Charlottes latest rock group

Delhomme and the Choakers


I get a feel that the Coach is afraid let the offense throw the ball !

fire fox

I have officially moved to the fire fox side of the field. how do you let Jake throw 3 times from the 50 yard line when all you need is a FG to tie the game. Jack is < 60 percent QB rating w/o moose and Carolina w/200 yard rushing with the opportunity to run the clock and get into FG range, signed “bring in the new management” it is what it is . . . .


The Panthers were effectively running the ball throughout the game. Why during the 4th quarter with less than 5 minutes to go and the ball on New Orleans side of the 50 passing is the choice. I will take my chances on 2nd and 8 with atleast 2 runs. If Jake had been a little more accurate maybe a pass interference on Dwayne Jarrett. But let us not forget that Jarrett miss a catchable ball on the sidelines earlier. If he stay on his feet and continues to run than that is a sure touchdown or atleast a long gain.


Fox is trying to protect Jake so much that it's killing this team. This is sad Fox is throwing the season to protect his dicision to keep Jake and pay Peppers! SAD! SAD!

Oldsi pslowner!


Sheesh, people still watch this boring franchise? Seriously?


The current Panthers team is playing dramatically different than the team that started the season. They went toe to toe with the NFL's best team on their home turf. Last week they upset last years NFC champion. Unfortunately they may have dug themselves into too deep of a hole to recover due to the stiff competition in the NFC South. John Fox's teams usually finish strong however and they will need to this season if they are to have any outside shot at a playoff birth.


The team played the best it could, considering it doesn't have a quarterback.
Still time to get Garcia on board. ANY
game-managing QB could have won this game.
We don't even have that. Pathetic.

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