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jim moser

Yeah I too see a lot of points only they are coming from the wild fish I mean wild cat side of the ball. Panthers have never seen Pat White and with the injury to TD they have even less speed at the linebacker position. Look for Miami to make Beason look like the weak backer he is. He reminds me of Sam Huff always jumping on the pile after the tackle has been made.


I am taking the Panthers as well, 31-17. Look for 89 to make some big plays vs. the 2 rookie starting CBs of the phin's. Btw, I guess this is the blog you were talking about last week that you picked SF over Chicago in...sorry. Anyway good luck this week Tom. I dropped two more games back after last week bringing my total to 10 games back of you on the year. I need a strong finish, just like the Panthers. Go Panthers!


Jim you're an idiot! I see Beason knocking Pat White out of the game with a bone crushing hit in the middle of the 1st quarter! Weak? You're talking about the MAN that stood Brandon Jacobs straight up at the goal line last year at Giants stadium. Don't know how you call that weak? I guess that's something an average man like yourself can do on a daily basis! Daunce yourself. Pat White? Who the heck is that? Didn't he play for WV like 2-3 yrs ago? LMAO! I'm crying!


Sorry but I to, am laughing at the comment about Beason...

After that hit last week, I bet Jason Snelling will beg to differ as well.

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