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Stan Olson

Ummm ... Are you not a sports writer ? I like you just fine, but you always seem to act as if you are 'above it all'.

I feel like the waiter just told me not to order anything off the dessert menu, its all terrible for me. Maybe its true, but its not his place to say.

Are you aware you have two fellow sportwriters who write a blog entirely about recruiting ?!?!?!?


I couldn't agree more with the prior comment (although I doubt they actually came from Stan Olson). Tom, you write about sports for a living. You write about sports for a living in an area of the country where college athletics are followed quite passionately. There is no logical argument that recruiting is not one of (if not the) most important elements of a successful college program. It seems silly of you to belittle those readers who, quite reasonably, believe that getting the No. 1 basketball recruit could enhance their favorite team (whether it be Duke or UNC) in the years to come. A post such as the one above just seems mean spirited and hopelessly out of touch. And really, you are telling people to get away from their computer and go outside and breathe fresh air from the internet blog that you write? Doesn't that seem a little silly? 1


Hey Tom, I think you just insulted yourself seeing as you just wrote this article on a message board. Tell Roy Williams that recruiting is not important seeing as he just crapped his pants when Barnes signed. Idiot.


Don't you know recruiting is now a sport, just like the NFL draft, scouting combine ect....


I am also a sports writer and a high school teacher. I think you folks are missing Tom's point.

High school kids are under a lot of pressure. Fans and adults tend to put more pressure and can be over the top when it comes to recruiting. This can lead to more violations and corruption because people will do what it takes to get these kids to their school. Or someone may create a recruiting paparazzi and take photos of these kids. There's a market for that.

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