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Robert Mcneill

Its like that in 20 different cities Tom, the traveling teams fans take those days off and make a road trip out of it, you know this........ Culminate the fact Miami is the 3rd most popular team in Charlotte over the past 35 years behind Washington and Dallas and have never played here, then bam you got it...


You're right on most of that Robert. The Phins played here toward the end of Marino's Miami days. Terrible game though - I think it was 13-9 Cats.


oops - Panthers.com tells me it was 13-9 The Fish. Forgive me, it was last century - 1998.

Panther Fan

Ever been to Miami during the day? Nobody there works. Great place to go for $20 drinks.

Greg Fliehr

Thanks Tom for that earth shattering news. Go take another chicken bllod pill. How you have been able to keep you job, I'll never know. Must be the sympathy.


Good for Miami fans for making the trip. Too bad they'll be disappointed by the outcome of the game. :)


COuld be they just took Thursday and Friday off?

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