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John Fox and his conservative approach blow the game for the Panthers.


Smitty was only a few steps away. If Smitty had seen the ball and not slowed down, it was a perfect pass.


plain & simple-until management and/or coaches choose to put their opponent away when they have them down rather than play not to win/protect the lead, this is what we can continue to expect. Coaches today went in prevent BEFORE halftime.

Dave Kempert

A timeout on the one yard line? Had a chance to put them away, and let them off the hook. Looked like a preseason game with unsigned rookie free agents instead of multimillionaires in mid-season form.Gosh, by now, execution should be expected and consistent.Would have been a signature win instead of a devastating loss....


ross's comment was spot on. The coaching staff went into prevent mode before halftime against the most dynamic quick strike scoring offense in the leage.

If John Fox thought 17 points was going to be enough to beat the Saints, then he is far more delusional than I thought.


When will John Fox start playing to when instead of playing not to loose. It almost got last week and this week it did get him. This team needs to get a killer instict. When you the NFL's best offense down by 14 you need to put your foot and their throat and press down.


Delhomme got the ball there today. I thought he looked much better than the C- he was assigned by Fowler. There were some critical drops that cost the team, but Delhomme did as much as he can be expected to (that isn't saying much, I know).

Also, to those saying the conservatism lost the game. Wrong. There would've been more time on the clock at the half and in the second half for the Saints to score had we not gone the conservative route. If anyone is to be questioned, it is Jeff Davidson.

His play calling is constantly called into question by Delhomme and Smith (has anyone noticed how much they yell at Davidson?). There's a guy whose resume doesn't match his job title.


Davidson and Fox need to look at themselves on this loss. The team played with heart until the coaches kept calling conservative plays. They need to dig deep and put the blame on themselves. Can we start it now, "COwher, Cowher" We need new coaching blood.. With so many talented athletes on our team it's time for Foxxy to go...


These Monday AM armchair QB idiots need to stop blaming Fox and Delhomne. Smith called the shots right about himself and is a non-factor. Stop being in denial. He has lost the short man syndrone of trying twice as hard and in the NFL as a short WR he needs all he can whip up and then some but has failed. He needs to be running back punts and KOs or doing misdirection action plays. He is cooked as WR unless you use him on a wild card long pass play. Jarrett needs to be used more with the TEs.

Clearly 20 pts should be plenty enough to win you any game in the NFL if your defense can hold the opposing team to less and in every loss so far the defense has failed to earn it paycheck. Incompetent LBs and DBs know who they are. They gave that one away to the Aints.


I disagree completely, AtlanticOcean. The defense played brilliantly for most of the game, holding the Saints, who are the most powerful offense in the NFL, to only 23 points. Remember, that last touchdown was scored off an offensive fumble. Pretty tough to blame the defense for that touchdown.

Conservative play-calling on offense is what screwed the pooch in this game, plain and simple.

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