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Morbid curiosity. Like a multi-car pile up on the interstate, you don't want to look, you just can't keep yourself from it.


I turned that crap off mid 3rd quarter. That was one horrible game to watch for a panthers fan. I don't know how much longer I can sit and watch Jake throw games away. I continue to wonder what has happened to the team I watched last year besides the playoffs.


Watched until the Steve Smith overturned TD. Finally showed some imagination with the five wide but how many balls "sailed" on Jake today. And what was the play call early in the game to play for the FG? Pretty sad actually.


It was a great game for cleaning gutters. Looks like some productive Sundays may be in my future.


One more thing. Thought it was funny that the announcers kept talking about what a great play the DB made in the first half on his pick. Why not say what really happened...Smith had his man beat and the ball was grossly underthrown which allowed the pick. That's a bad play by Jake not a great play by the DB.
Your thoughts?


Curious to see if Jake could have another 5 INT game... could have happened on the jump ball that Jarrett caught. Thought I would never say this but the Bobcats are the best professional team in town... 4 in a row!

Richard Saunders

I want to see the photos of the Richardsons that Jake and Fox must have. There is no other explanation as to why Jake isn't riding the bench. Another MISERABLE performance by the offense and coaching staff.


I was thinking the same thing, Dale.

daniel byrd

i like the panthers ilke delhomme and fox!but on the other hand its time for a change the dhomme and fox tenure mite be over!lets bring in vick and cowher to panthers next season and see what happens!


Watched to the end on the internet. Watching it like a SNL episode, hoping it'll be good one and getting disappointed in the end!


I watched the entire game, no fair-weather fan here.


Masochistic fan here.

anonymous at work in CLT

I'm at work so why not?


I took my dogs for a walk at the river. I wouldn't sacrifice a beautiful day for a Panthers game... not anymore, that is. Perhaps one day Richardson give more than a baked bean rip what his pitiful Panthers do on the field. Meanwhile... go Steelers!

dee gray

I am done watching these chumps.Until there is a qb change or a coaching change,this is ridiculous.


Why is a quarterback with an 8.3 passer rating still starting for an NFL football team?

joe cool

i watched hoping the jets would give delhomme a career ending injury and to see if fox dropped dead after an other jake int. I never thought i would say this but thank god for the bobcats and bob johnson.


Washing both cars suddenly became a priority after the Jets scored at the end of the 2nd quarter. Puck the Fanthers!!!!!!


I would love to know what Matt Moore has done to be put in a position to NOT get a chance. That boy has to be one of the cleanest people on the team and has done everything asked of him, and yet he gets the screwjob week in and out. I don't care what he does in practice, I want to see him in a game, a FULL game, not just coming in off the bench.

It's time for Fox to go along with every last bit of the coaching staff, it's time to start fresh, especially offensively. If Matt Moore leaves the team and flourishes elsewhere, i'll root for that team, because this team doesn't deserve any fandom if they all they can do is trot out the same crap week in and week out without looking to the future.


I cut it off right after the pick six and never looked back.

David Coble

The Panthers played today?

After New Orleans I swore off Panther football. Thank goodness for the NFL Sunday Ticket.


I'm a Bucs fan tried and true...had it on because it's the only game in town...plus, with another loss, I'm figuring it'll be pretty calm when I watch my beloved Bucs at BofA Stadium next Sunday...


I watched until the last interception, you can always hope (and by hope, I mean hope that there is nothing else better on TV). I'm done wasting my time and money on this team. I'd stay away until a change is made, but you can't turn your back on an entire team when only 2 people are ruining it. The defense played well enough to win today, the offense......


Didn't watch it at all...all-day Monk marathon on one of the cable channels...did I miss anything unexpected?


Jake doesn't do well against AFC east defenses

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