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it's my business


Baloney. When a figure and his handlers craft his image as Mr. Clean and he becomes a billionaire by marketing that image, he surrenders his right to privacy. Same as with politicians who preach family values when it makes them marketable to voters, but then clam up when caught in affairs. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

Tiger In The Tank

What we are witnessing is nothing short of pure arrogance from a pampered spoiled rotten mega zillionaire tantrum thrower who clearly thinks hes above the commoners and the law.

Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad Tiger ....

Tiger In The Tank



True, Tom. If I see you out at IHOP at 2AM with a woman other than your wife, it's none of my business.

But if you imply to me that you are the kind of guy who gives good advice, and that I should buy your razors, cars, shoes and golf clubs so that I can be like you, then I need to pay attention to what you do. So, yes, it becomes my business when you come to town with a circus like this one.


now that is ironic. tom sorenson writing about marital affairs. you would know.


If I was Tiger I would do the same. If you or I got into an accident there wouldn’t be this much press. This all boils down to public media wants a juicy story to write and talk about. And they are truly upset that they are not getting one. He already released a statement saying it was his fault for the crash. I’m sure he will repair the truck and pay the damages to the property and call it a day. That’s what you or I would do. Making a public statement only feeds the beast that is just looking to write mean things about him. His privacy is more coveted than ours. No one is looking in our trash, talking to our neighbors, flying helicopters over our house when we have a traffic accident. Yes Tom this is none of our business, and those who are trying are only upset that he isn’t letting them in. those who are mad ask yourselves why do you really care? Why do you care that he had an accident? How is it affecting your lives, like you are somehow personally impacted by this…geez

Say What

Is it ok for the woman to hit the man but a career ender when reversed? Would it have been acceptable for Rhiana to hit Bobby? When the facts don't add up in possible domestic violence incidents, the police are obligated to investigate regardless and even if you are Tiger.


now a sad story in the news now is beason. the guy who is taking beason to court rights fake checks. he is just trying to get money out of beason. he lies to people and used to say he was a panther when he really lives at home.


its writes moron

Sean May

I heard that Tiger bought the OJ book "If I did it"

this is nicole brown/OJ all over again.......

White Girls, be careful

Greg Fliehr

Your cancer is none of our business, but you decided to make a public spectacle of it.

Sean May

i like how you are not going to write about an affair...yet you do.

was it larry johnson or mugsy?

What Goes Around ...

Geesh. Anyone remember the Char Hornets owner who had an affair and was run off? It was all a setup and the hubbie of the crazy female trying to extort mills lost the case and blew his brains out.

Funny how the privacy oriented local media and writers went to exceptional lengths to expose every single sordid intricate detail whether true or not to make Shinn look bad who got pro sports in this joint.
Heck they did the same to PTL Jim Bakkers affair but thats another story...

ps. thanks to the ever self deprecating Jake Delhomne who has displayed 100% honesty and humility yet reaped scorn and blame. We know it was your good bayou catholic smalltown roots upbringing and strong work ethic but you have more integrity in your little finger than 99% of all of pro sports today.

Sean May

jake is sharing his bojangles with the owners daughter.........common knowledge, but tom hasn't exposed it cause he respects the privacy


Tom and most of the commenters, I totally disagree. The ONLY reason you think the accdident is your business is that you want to bring Tiger down because of your celebrity obsession and wealth envy.

He's not being arrogant; he's doing the same thing you would do if the cops were unnecessarily harassing you. The cops want to get some juicy information so they can make a name for themselves (think Nifong in the Duke "rape" case), and then sell their info for big bucks.

All you haters just think that people who make mega-millions need to be attacked because they don't deserve to make more money than you. Get over it. Tiger doesn't ow you, the tabloids or the cops anything.


Tom, Tom, Tom....wouldn't it be ironic if you yourself had catted around on your various wives? Just wondering....


Tiger might want a right to privacy, but he's not gonna get it after a dozen or so years of appearing in every commercial or ad he could wring a couple bucks out of. if he wants privacy he should buy an island in the middle of the pacific and stay there lol

Retief Goosen

Who cares about any of this...You people need to get a life!!!!

Greg Fliehr

Have you seen Tom? It would be his wife cheating on the crater face.

Eldridge Woods

Say, anyone out there know where I can crash for a few nights? Also, can you get me in touch with a decent lawyer?
Also, a decent doctor? One who can treat lacerations to the face?


Tiger Woods like all big pro athletes are nothing but creepin lowlife cheating womanizer money grubbing filthy rich arrogant greedy slimewad brat millionaires. There are nomore heros. They are all villians.

NO pro sport athlete is worth a million bucks anyway and never will be. These overgrown punks serve no real worth to society other than a minor form of entertainment. Al McGuire long ago said sports was just a coffee break. Todays filthy rich money grub pigs try to lie and be humble when they screwup claiming they are just human. What a joke. Pigs all of them.


That comment by Sean May has got to be the most ludicrous thing I've ever read. Why do people think Jake is either MARRIED to Richardson's daughter(does he even have one??!?!?!?) or having an affair? Get A Life People!! And it is between Tiger and his wife -The media - including you Tom - has made Tiger into this super human being - God like when Tiger never said that or wanted that. The MEDIA did that and now you can't wait to tear him down. This happens all the time. Tiger has always said he is HUMAN. Look at your onw self Tom.


I am furious over the Jake Hate on his personal life. None of your dang business. If he was having an affair- I feel sure his HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEART WHO HE IS MARRIED TO WOULD HAVE ALREADY LEFT HIM. GET A LIFE

Sean May

Wiggles, r u serious?

that high school sweety will gladly overlook a few away game indiscretions....she likes the money too much to leave for a reason like that.

it's pro athletics, it how it goes.

jake has gotta wanna gonna needa share his bojangles with a few honeys

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